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Midsomer Norton
Geograph 2875098 Midsomer Norton South Station.jpg
Midsomer Norton railway station in 2012
Place Midsomer Norton
Area Bath and North East Somerset
Grid reference ST664537
Pre-grouping Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway
Post-grouping SR and LMSR
Western Region of British Railways
Platforms 2
20 July 1874 Opened (Midsomer Norton)
16 October 1898 Renamed (Midsomer Norton and Welton)
26 September 1949 Renamed (Midsomer Norton Upper)
7 March 1966 Closed[1]
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Closed railway stations in Britain
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Midsomer Norton railway station (originally Midsomer Norton, later Midsomer Norton Upper and finally Midsomer Norton South) was a station on the Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway between Bath Green Park and Shepton Mallet. It served the town of Midsomer Norton in the English county of Somerset, which was also served by a second station known as Midsomer Norton and Welton railway station on the Bristol and North Somerset Railway.

The station opened in 1874. In the 1948 nationalisation the Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway became part of the Southern Region of British Railways. Along with the rest of the line it closed in 1966. The Somerset & Dorset Railway Heritage Trust took the lease on the station in 1995 to restore it. They have restored many of the buildings and laid a short section of track. Future plans for further extension of the track have been proposed.


Midsomer Norton South Station in 1959
The abandoned station in 1967

The station was part of the Somerset and Dorset railways extension from Evercreech Junction railway station to Bath. It opened on 20 July 1874.[2] The Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway was nationalised in 1948 and became part of the Southern Region of British Railways.[3]

The S&DJR station was on a fairly steep slope which took the railway up from the valley floor at Radstock into the Mendip Hills, heading south to the summit of the line at Masbury. It had extensive gardens which were cultivated by the station staff and won many prizes.[4][5]

The station was mentioned in 1964 in the song "Slow Train" by Flanders and Swann.[6]

The Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway station closed in 1966, with the closure of the Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway, under the Beeching Axe.[7]


The restored signal box

The station was sold in 1969 to a local school, and then in 1995 to the Wansdyke district council,[8] who leased it to the Somerset and Dorset Railway Heritage Trust to restore to its 1950s condition.[9]

Today the Trust runs an operational railway centre and museum at the site, and are currently relaying the 2 miles 2 chains (3.3 km) of track southwards up the gradient towards Chilcompton.[10][11] The plan is to eventually operate a ride-round trip over the route, which would require restoration of the former Chilcompton railway tunnel.[12] A road bridge over the railway, north east of the station has been removed, therefore relaying track on this side of the station would be expensive.

Station summary[edit]

Preceding station Disused railways Following station
Line and station closed
  Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway
LSWR & Midland Railways
  Radstock North
Line and station closed


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