Midtbyen, Aarhus

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Århus Cathedral

Midtbyen (lit. English, "Town Centre"), also known as Aarhus Center or City, is the inner part of Aarhus City and has postal code 8000. It is a part of Århus C, together with Vesterbro and Frederiksbjerg and has a population of 55.000


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Midtbyen comprise the oldest part of the city of Aarhus and was where the town itself originated more than a thousand years ago. Midtbyen dates back to at least late 700 AD, at the beginning of the Viking Age and was originally and previously confined by fortifications and walls. Nowadays the defensive walls are long gone, but survive in placenames such as Nørreport (English: Northeastern Gate) and a number of streets named after their location relative to the old town center, such as Søndergade, Nørregade and Vestergade meaning south-eastern street, north-eastern street and westward street respectively. A similar naming structure can be observed in many older Danish town and cities. The canal of the Aarhus River runs through Midtbyen, along the street of Åboulevarden and was important to the development of the early settlements, that sprawled around it.


This part of town has heavy traffic during rush hours which, because of the old small roads, can be a problem. Midtbyen is surrounded by Nørre Allé (Northern Avenue), Vester Allé (Western Avenue) and Sønder Allé (Southern Avenue), serving as ring roads following the old walls. This helps lead much of the inner traffic around the most narrow and difficult streets. Many roads are closed to traffic, instead serving as walking shopping streets. Most city buses go through Midtbyen while county and Inter-city buses terminate at Aarhus Bus Terminal. Most bus lines go through Park Allé (Park Avenue), which serves as a major bus hub.


Århus Å (Aarhus Canal)