Midwest Cities Lacrosse Conference

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Midwest Cities Lacrosse Conference
Midwest Cities Lacrosse Conference.jpg
MCLC logo
Sport Field Lacrosse
Founded 1990 (origins from 1972)
No. of teams 12
Country  United States
Most recent champion(s) Windy City Lacrosse Club (2014)
Most titles Chicago Lacrosse Club (20)
Official website midwestlacrosse.org

The Midwest Cities Lacrosse Conference (MCLC) is a Senior/post-collegiate Men's Field Lacrosse league based in the Midwestern United States. The MCLC was founded in 1990 as a merger between the "City Division" of the Midwest Club Lacrosse Association and the three-year-old Midwest Club Championship invitational tournament.

Currently with twelve member teams, who are divided into their east and west divisions based on their geographic location. Like most other lacrosse leagues, the MCLC plays its games during the Spring. Each season the top teams from the league meet in the playoffs to battle for the MCLC Championship.

Teams in the MCLC[edit]

West Division[edit]

Team City/Area Home Field
Chicago Lacrosse Club Chicago, Illinois 47th Street Field
Chitown Lacrosse Club Chicago, Illinois Gower Field
Lincoln Park Lacrosse Club Chicago, Illinois Diversey Field
Windy City Lacrosse Club Chicago, Illinois Miller Meadow Forest Preserve
Minneapolis Lacrosse Club Minneapolis, Minnesota Benilde-St. Margaret's
Minnesota Lakers Lacrosse Club Minneapolis, Minnesota Benilde-St. Margaret's
Minnesota Premium Lacrosse Club Minneapolis, Minnesota Benilde-St. Margaret's

East Division[edit]

Team City Home Field
Cincinnati Lacrosse Club Cincinnati, Ohio
Cleveland Lacrosse Club Cleveland, Ohio Western Reserve Academy
Columbus Lacrosse Club Columbus, Ohio University School
Motor City Lacrosse Club Detroit, Michigan Troy Athens High School
Pittsburgh Lacrosse Club Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Central Catholic High School

Defunct teams[edit]

Team Defunct
American General Lacrosse Club 1974
Lake Shore Lacrosse Club 2004
Circle City Lacrosse Club 2005
Three Rivers Lacrosse Club 2005
Canton Lacrosse Club 2007
Lansing Lacrosse Club 2008
Toledo Lacrosse Club 2008
Mt. Adams Lacrosse Club 2008
Northside Tribe Lacrosse 2009
Detroit-Windsor Lacrosse Club
Great Lakes Lacrosse Club
West Side Lacrosse Club

Tournament Champions[edit]

Midwest Club Lacrosse Association, City Division (MCLC predecessor) Champions

Midwest Cities Lacrosse Conference Champions

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