Midwestern Conference

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Midwestern Conference
Established 1970
Dissolved 1972
Association NCAA
Division Division I non-football
Members 5
Sports fielded 9 (men's: 9)
Region Midwestern United States
Headquarters Indianapolis, Indiana
Commissioner Jack McClelland

The Midwestern Conference was a college athletic conference which operated in Illinois and Indiana in 1970-72. It was composed of schools which had recently moved from Division II (then known as the College Division) to Division I (known as the University Division) of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The conference sponsored only men's sports; awarding championships in baseball, basketball, cross-country, golf, swimming, indoor & outdoor track and field, tennis, and wrestling.

The first conference championship was in cross country in the fall of 1970. Southern Illinois won that championship and almost made a clean sweep by winning championships in basketball, wrestling, swimming, baseball, tennis, and both indoor and outdoor track. Only Ball State prevented a sweep by winning the golf championship that spring.

At that time (as now), in order to be recognized by the NCAA, a conference was required to have six or more member institutions. The Midwestern Conference had only five members and was unable to find a sixth, so it ceased operations after only two years. The five member schools eventually affiliated with other conferences.

Member Schools[edit]

The onetime members of the Midwestern Conference and the conferences they later joined are:

Conference Champions[edit]


  • 1971 Southern Illinois
  • 1972 Northern Illinois


  • 1970-71 Southern Illinois
  • 1971-72 Northern Illinois

Cross Country[edit]

  • 1970 Southern Illinois
  • 1971 -?-


  • 1971 Ball State
  • 1972 Ball State


  • 1970-71 Southern Illinois
  • 1791-72 Southern Illinois?

Indoor Track & Field[edit]

  • 1970-71 Southern Illinois
  • 1971-1972 Northern Illinois

Outdoor Track & Field[edit]

  • 1971 Southern Illinois
  • 1972 Illinois State?


  • 1971 Southern Illinois
  • 1972 Southern Illinois


  • 1970-71 Southern Illinois
  • 1791-72 Northern Illinois?