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Migaloo is a luxury submersible yacht design. The luxury yacht-submarine hybrid was designed by Austrian firm Motion Code: Blue.[1] It is the first submarine-superyacht hybrid.[2]

The ship is 377-feet long,[3] 11-metres wide,[4] and has 6 decks;[1] and can reach a maximum depth of 240m below the surface.[2] The ship is named after an albino humpback whale.[3] The ship includes a 26-foot long pool, cinema, helipad, library, gym, laundry. The bar, pool and outdoor lounge are available when above water, on the outside deck.[3] Ship accommodations have windows[1] equipped with underwater lights.[2] The ship has 8 guest suites situated on decks two and three, with the master suite on deck one and two. Crew facilities, including a separate galley, mess, gym, quartering, use deck four.[4] The design originated with managing directors Christopher Gloning and Christian Gumpold of Motion Code Blue.[4]


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