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Studio album by NON
Released 1995
Genre Noise Industrial
Label Mute
NON chronology
In the Shadow of the Sword
Heaven Sent

Might! is a 1995 album of Boyd Rice's NON.

It was released by Mute Records (UK) on CD and LP. It consists of excerpts from Ragnar Redbear's Might is Right read over noise music.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "No Nirvana (prelude)"
  2. "Ye Who Fall"
  3. "Credo"
  4. "Ultimatum"
  5. "Force"
  6. "Deletion"
  7. "Warring Atoms"
  8. "Evolution"
  9. "No Nirvana"
  10. "The Immolation Of Man"
  11. "Logic Of The Spheres"
  12. "Great Destroyers"