Mighty Med

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Mighty Med
Genre Sitcom
Science fiction
Created by Jim Bernstein
Andy Schwartz
Theme music composer Todd P. Andrew
Douglas Starling Jones
Christian Salyer
Opening theme "You Never Know", performed by Adam Hicks
Composer(s) Jamie Dunlap
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 29 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Jim Bernstein
Stephen Engel
Mark Jordan Legan (co-executive)
Producer(s) Kevin O'Donnell
Andy Schwartz (supervising)
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 22 minutes
Production company(s) It's a Laugh Productions
Disney XD Original Productions
Original channel Disney XD
Original run October 7, 2013 (2013-10-07) – present
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Mighty Med is an American Disney XD Original Series created by Jim Bernstein and Andy Schwartz and produced by It's a Laugh Productions for Disney XD. It stars Jake Short and Bradley Steven Perry. This show premiered on October 7, 2013,[1] and aired on Disney Channel on October 12, 2013.

On May 22, 2014, Disney renewed the series for a second season, with production to resume in July for a fall 2014 premiere.[2]


While at a comic book store called The Domain, two boys named Oliver and Kaz find themselves in a superhero hospital called Mighty Med upon finding its secret entrance at the local hospital. They become doctors and youth observers at Mighty Med under the supervision of Dr. Horace Diaz despite the fact that they are "Normos" (a term given to ordinary humans). Oliver and Kaz would often work on various injured superheroes while having some misadventures along the way.


Main Characters[edit]

  • Kaz (played by Bradley Steven Perry) - Kaz is Oliver's best friend. He is lazy in school and—while devoted to Oliver—he will often try to get away with a shortcut that ends up getting them both into trouble. While he seems stupid sometimes, he can unexpectedly come up with a smart solution to a problem. It was revealed by Jordan in "Alan's Reign Of Terror" that he has 11 siblings. In "Mighty Mole", it's revealed that Kaz's real name is Kazemerus. His full name has yet to be revealed.
  • Oliver (played by Jake Short) - Oliver is Kaz's best friend, and puts up with his flaws because he sees good in him. He is intelligent, sweet, and sarcastic, the perfect Yin to Kaz's Yang. He is also in love with Skylar. He apparently has a fear of elbows as shown in "Mighty Mole". Just like Kaz, his full name has yet to be revealed.
  • Skylar Storm (played by Paris Berelc) - Skylar Storm is a superhero from the volcano planet Caldera and Oliver's love interest. Besides having peak human condition, some of Skylar Storm's 24 superpowers include x-ray vision, explosive induction, time rewind, gyrokinesis, caelestikinesis, flight, super-strength, intangibility, camouflage, invisibility, space survivability and super speed. She recently lost her superpowers and her invisible motorcycle in a battle against her nemesis the Annihilator and is now a "normo" patient at Mighty Med where she is working to find a way to regain her superpowers. Though she still has her peak human condition which has come in handy in some supervillain battles at Mighty Med. As a normo, she goes by the alias of Connecticut "Connie" Valentine when attending Logan High School. In the season one finale, she regains her powers. Because the Annihilator tampered with them, she falls under his control. While the Annihilator is in Mighty Max, Skylar Storm is being used by the Annihilator to use a secret formula that turns superheroes into supervillains.
  • Alan Diaz (played by Devan Leos) - Alan Diaz is the nephew of Horace Diaz. He hates Kaz and Oliver because of their status as "normos," so he does everything in his power to get rid of them. Though there are some occasions where he would help Kaz and Oliver out in situations. He seems to like Kaz a little more than Oliver as shown in "How The Mighty Med Have Fallen" when they were trapped in Mighty Max Prison. He is always seen wearing a sweater vest and it's suggested in "Lair, Lair" that he wears several sweater vests on top of each other. His power is telekinesis. In "Growing Pains", it is revealed that when Alan gets scared, he either turns into an animal or sprouts an animal body part (e.g., sprout antlers, sprout porcupine quills, sprout a skunk's tail, or turning into a butterfly). He also has the ability to turn other people into animals as seen in "Mighty Mole". He apparently doesn't know the difference between a circle and a triangle and is bad with grammar due to his lack of education. He was mentioned in "The Pen is Mighty Med-ier than the Sword".
  • Gus (played by Augie Isaac) - Gus is a friend of Oliver's and Kaz's, but unaware of their secret job. He is very quirky, sometimes unlikeable in that annoying little brother sort of way and lacks normal social skills. Over time, a crush on Jordan appears to have revealed itself. Throughout the whole series, it has been mentioned that his family is rich, even capable of buying 'The Domain' as seen in "Are You Afraid the Shark?". Gus' character started out as recurring, but became a series regular at the end of Season 1.

Recurring Characters[edit]

  • Jordan (played by Cozi Zuehlsdorff) - Jordan is Kaz and Oliver's friend and hates Gus. She is very negative. Just like Kaz and Oliver, she loves video games and comics. She appears in "Saving the People Who Save People" Pt. 1 and 2, "Frighty Med", "It's Not the End of the World", "Alan's Reign of Terror", "Night of the Living Nightmare", "Guitar Superhero", "How the Mighty Med Have Fallen" and "The Claw Prank Redemption".
  • Stephanie (played by Brooke Sorenson) - Stephanie is the popular girl at Logan High School and Kaz's dream girl. She appears in "I, Normo", "Sm'oliver's Travels", "Atomic Blast from the Past", "Mighty Mad" and "The Pen is Mighty Med-er than the Sword".

Mighty Med Hospital Staff[edit]

  • Dr. Horace Diaz (played by Carlos Lacámara) - Horace Diaz is the Chief of Staff of Mighty Med and is Alan's maternal uncle. He has the power of freezing people and is a bit eccentric. He apparently loves bridges. In "Atomic Blast From The Past", he is revealed to be 3006 years old and has never aged since 1953. Some even consider that he is immortal. He appears in "Saving the People Who Save People" Pt. 1 and 2, "Frighty Med" "I, Normo", "Sm'oliver's Travels", "Pranks For Nothing", "Evil Gus", "Lockdown", "All That Kaz", "Atomic Blast From the Past", "Growing Pains", "Night of the Living Nightmare", "Fantasy League of Heroes", "Copy Kaz", "Free Wi-Fi", "Two Writers Make a Wrong", "Are You Afraid of the Shark?", "The Pen Is Mighty Med-ier Than the Sword", "There's a Storm Coming", "How the Mighty Med Have Fallen", "Lair, Lair", "Mighty Mole" and "Do You Wanna Build A Lava Man?". He was mentioned in "Alan's Reign Of Terror" and "The Friend Of My Friend Is My Enemy".
  • Benny (played by Karan Soni) - He is a worker at Mighty Med and a superhero named 'What's His Face.' He has super-speed, but it only works when he runs backwards. In addition, Benny has the ability to throw objects in slow motion. In "Saving The People Who Save People" Pt. 1, it is shown that he dislikes Skylar. He appears in "Saving The People Who Save People" Pt. 1 and 2, "So You Think You Can Be a Sidekick" and "Free Wi-Fi".
  • Lizard Man (played by Dirk Ellis) - A humanoid lizard. He stays at Mighty Med because he doesn't fit anywhere else. He is a frequently recurring character seen as an employee at Mighty Med. He appears in "Alan's Reign of Terror", "Atomic Blast from the Past", "Night of the Living Nightmare", "Mighty Mad", "Fantasy League of Superheroes", "Copy Kaz", "Guitar Superhero", "Two Writer's Make a Wrong", "There's a Storm Coming" and "Lair, Lair".
  • Phillip (played by Jeremy Howard) - A doctor with a large head yet he thinks it is very small. He appears to dislike almost everyone in Mighty Med, even Horace. He frequently appears with very minor roles. In "Night of the Living Nightmare", it is revealed that his wildest dream is to have the Oscar Awards redesigned to look like him. He appears in "Growing Pains", "Night of the Living Nightmare", "Fantasy League of Superheroes", "There's a Storm Coming", "Lair, Lair" and "The Claw Prank Redemption". In "The Claw Prank Redemption", it is revealed that Phillip is the new security guard for Mighty Max Prison.
  • Ambrose (voiced by Oliver Muirhead) - A member of Mighty Med's comic book department. He has the power to see visions of other heroes lives allowing him to write incredibly fast. Ambrose agrees with Kaz and Oliver's idea to fudge some details to boost sales. He also does not seem to be paid well since he has to use a saw to sharpen his pencils. He has only appeared in "Two Writers Make a Wrong" so far.


  • Tecton (played by Jilon VanOver) - Kaz's favorite super hero. Tecton is a parody of Superman and Hyperion. He has superhuman strength and speed as well as flight, immunity to pain and (like his name implies) the ability to cause tectonic activity with a stomp of his foot. He is also capable of healing at a rapid rate, but if exposed to a gas that only exists when delta radiation mixes with gold, he will not be able to heal. In one episode, Oliver was his sidekick until Alan took his place. In "Lair, Lair," Tecton and Snowstorm are converted into supervillains by a formula made by the Annihilator that was used by Skyler Storm. He appears in "Saving the People Who Save People" Pt. 1 and 2, "So You Think You Can Be A Side Kick", "Fantasy League of Heroes" and "Lair, Lair".
  • Solar Flare II (played by Carly Hollas) - A female superhero with pyrokinesis and pyrogenisis. Though the most recurring of the superheroes, Solarflare has yet to have a speaking role. She is actually the second Solar Flare since there was a Solar Flare that was around back in the 1950s. She appears in "Saving the People Who Save People" Pt 1 and 2 "Pranks for Nothing", "Evil Gus", "Lockdown", "Atomic Blast From the Past", "Growing Pains", Fantasy League of Superheros", "Copy Kaz", "Two Writers Make a Wrong", "There's a Storm Coming", "How the Mighty Med Have Fallen" and "Lair, Lair".
  • Incognito - An invisible superhero. Nobody knew what he looked like until the episode "Copy Kaz". His appearance is a white raced human with silver clothing, ginger hair and an eye-patch. He has appeared in "Copy Kaz" and "Lair, Lair".
  • Blue Tornado (played by Brett Johnson) - A superhero with atmokinesis. This allows him to spin at the speed of sound and shoot lightning from his hands. Kaz saw him in disguise and recognized him (due to Blue Tornado lacking a mask) which is what led him and Oliver to Mighty Med. In "Mighty Mole, Blue Tornado and NeoCortex are converted into supervillains by a formula made by the Annihilator that was used by Skyler Storm. He is a parody of the DC Comics superhero Red Tornado. He appears in "Saving People Who Need Saving" Pt. 1 and 2, "Evil Gus", "All That Kaz", "Fantasy League of Superheros", "Copy Kaz", "How the Mighty Med Have Fallen" , "How the Mighty Med Have Fallen" and "Mighty Mole".
  • The Crusher (played by Jeffrey James Lippold) - According to Kaz, the Crusher is the strongest man in the universe, capable of hurling someone across a room just by high-fiving them. He was the first superhero to have his life saved by Kaz and Oliver in which they shocked his feet to give him cardiac aid (due to him returning from a planet with gravity that pulled his heart down to his feet). According to Tecton, his real name is Glenn Crushman. He appears in "Saving the People Who Save People" Pt. 1 and 2, "Pranks for Nothing", "It's Not the End of the World", "The Friend of My Friend is My Enemy", "Mighty Mad", "Fantasy League of Superheros, "Copy Kaz", "Guitar Superhero", "Two Writers Make a Wrong" and "There's a Storm Coming".
  • Brain Matter (played by Napoleon Ryan as a human, Troy Brenna as a monster) - Brain Matter was once a hero with superhuman intelligence, which he used to create weapons, but he grew envious of superheroes with other powers. He created a serum that would give him more powers, but the experiment backfired and went horribly wrong: the serum turned him into a large, blue-skinned monster with super-strength, and his only thought was to eat brains. He was shrunken and locked in Mighty Med's freezer, but years later Kaz and Skylar released him, causing his monster form to go on a rampage, until it fell into a coffin with dry ice in it. He reappears in "Growing Pains" where he has been cured of the serum and given all the powers he intended to give himself, along with the ability to alter the age of any living thing. When doing so, that living things memories will remain intact and their clothes will alter their size to fit them. Occasionally, the object will continue aging/de-aging for a certain amount of time. He appears in "Frighty Med" and "Growing Pains".
  • Titanio (played by Chris Elwood) - Henry Tidwell was a test pilot turned aero space engineer who is also a billionaire. He became Titanio to battle the forces of evil. He has no powers, but he has a robotic suit with a stun ray, a jet pack, and strength boosters like Iron Man. He appeared in "I, Normo", where he had amnesia courtesy of the Black Falcon. With Alan's help, he regained his memory, but mistook Alan for the real Black Falcon and gave him amnesia. With his full suit on, he resembles Optimus Prime from Transformers. In "Guitar Superhero", Skylar Storm enlisted Titano to pose as Soul Slayer to fight Remix while his robotic suit was being repaired. In "Free Wi-Fi", Titano's robotic suit is possessed by Wi-Fi. He appears in "I, Normo", "Guitar Superhero", "Free Wi-Fi" and "How the Mighty Med Have Fallen".
  • Mesmera (played by Tiphani Abney) - Mesmera is a female superhero who has an eye on the palm of her right hand (similar to a Tenome) that can hypnotize anyone. In "I, Normo", Alan used Mesmera in an attempt to restore Titano's memory. She appears in "I, Normo", "Mighty Mad", "Fantasy League of Heroes", "Two Writers Make a Wrong" and "Mighty Mole".
  • Citadel (actor unknown/possible CGI) - A superhero with indestructible skin that can deflect magnetic fields. Citadel first appeared in "Sm'oliver's Travels" where he had stomach pains. Due to his indestructible skin, surgery could not be performed on him, so Oliver (who was shrunken by Kaz) was sent inside his body and removed the source of the pain (that being the villain Micros). He reappears in "The Friend of my Friend is My Enemy" where Oliver used an advanced stethoscope to hear his heartbeat. He appears in "Sm’oliver’s Travels" and "The Friend of My Friend is My Enemy".
  • The Great Defender (played by Dwight Howard) - Like Skylar, The Great Defender is from another planet. His suit is indestructible and his powers consist of Ice Ball Projection, superhuman strength and can spin things at high speed on his fingertips like a basketball. Despite being 6 ft. 11 in., he is the shortest person on his planet. He appeared in "Pranks For Nothing" where Oliver played a prank on him (they super-glued a coin to his hand). To get them back, he spun the Hospital on the tip of his finger, tricked Kaz and Oliver into thinking he spun the Earth on his finger, pretended that his powers weren't working, had Solar Flare heat up the hospital (to make them think the Earth was hurling towards the sun), and had Horace make them think they had to sacrifice themselves to save the Earth. He was mentioned by Alan in "Alan's Reign Of Terror" where Alan had him slow down the rotation of a planet so that his uncle's appointment there would be longer.
  • Captain Atomic (played by Bradley Dodds) - In the 1950s, Captain Atomic was hit by a radioactive bullet yet survived thanks to the "lucky yo yo" given to him by his girlfriend. Captain Atomic has the power of flight and can infuse atomic power into his yo-yo, allowing him to use it to snare his enemies, use it as a shield, and use it as a whip. He attempted to stop an intergalactic war in 1953, but a mishap trapped him in a wormhole for 61 years. In the present, the wormhole was opened by Oliver (a similar origin to Captain America). After he was given a new battery to help him survive and defeating The Black Falcon, Captain Atomic decided to stick around in the present and experience its wonders (such as flat-screen TVs). In "Fantasy League of Superheroes", it is revealed that Captain Atomic has super-strength and near invulnerability to the point where it can rival with Tecton's abilities. He appears in "Atomic Blast From the Past" and "Fantasy League of Heroes".
  • Owl Girl - An owl-themed female superhero who can fly and is good at hand-to-hand combat.
  • Timeline (played by Carlos Lacámara) - Boris Diaz is Horace's cousin, though they do not get along. He can see into the future, view holograms of his visions and temporarily freeze time. He appeared in "It's Not the End of the World" where he came to Mighty Med because his powers where acting up. He helped Kaz ace his pop quiz, but because Kaz became smart, it was one of the requirements to open a portal where Crimson Demon's brothers were in and almost ended the world. He speaks with an Italian accent. Due to him being played by the same actor as his cousin, they cannot appear on screen at the same time. He has only appeared in "It's Not the End of the World" so far.
  • Gray Granite (played by Mike O'Hearn) - Gray Granite is a rock-based superhero who was first seen in "Evil Gus". He was the only superhero who fought Gus and didn't lose his powers since he can dissolve into a pile of rocks. Gray Granite is a parody of Metamorpho. He appears in "Evil Gus", "Guitar Superhero" and "There's a Storm Coming".
  • NeoCortex (played by Mike Bradecich) - A telepathic superhero that can communicate mentally, alter one's personality (and apparently their intelligence), link minds and put people into dreams and/or nightmares. NeoCortex also has neuro-manipulation which means he can send out psychic bursts that can immobilize a villain or control their behavior. He first appeared in "All That Kaz" where he broke his shoulder surfing-the internet. Oliver, wanting to be more popular, had NeoCortex alter his personality to be more like Kaz, but the real Kaz wanted to change it back. Unfortunately, Oliver redirected the blast back at NeoCortex, causing him to become a nuclear reactor, that almost blew up him and the hospital, until Oliver cured him and NeoCortex gave Oliver his original personality. He reappears in "Night of the Living Nightmare", where he holds a grudge against Oliver for the events of his previous appearance. During that time, there was a lunar eclipse that caused him to only give people nightmares and if the victim dies in their nightmare, they'll die in reality. Luckily, the lunar eclipse ended before anyone (except Ally Cat, who lost one of her nine lives) died. In the episode "Mighty Mole", Skylar uses the Annihilator's formula to turn him evil alongside Blue Tornado. He appears in "All That Kaz", "Night of the Living Nightmare" and "Mighty Mole".
  • Surge - Surge is a superhero that can generate and control electricity. In "How the Mighty Med Have Fallen" Pt. 2, Surge is among the superheroes that fight the Annihilator and Skylar Storm (who was under the control of the Annihilator).
  • Absolute Zero - Absolute Zero is a superhero who can generate and control ice. He was first seen in "All That Kaz" working out with Snowstorm. In "There's a Storm Coming" Pt. 1, it is revealed that Absolute Zero had a gun that freezes things in ice until it was stolen from him by the Annihilator.
  • Snowstorm - Snowstorm is a female superhero with cryokinesis. At some point the Annihilator stole her powers and left her helpless. He took them and placed them on his trophy shelf with all the others. Later she was attacked by her nemesis and left in a critical condition. She was taken to Mighty Med. But without her powers to save her, she would die. As such in "Lair, Lair," Oliver and Kaz went to regain them from the Annihilator's lair. At the end, they were restored to her and she happily created snow balls to celebrate. However, Skylar had secretly injected the Annihilator's secret formula into them, meaning that she turned evil and became another of Annihilator's servants just like what Annihilator did to Skylar Storm, Tecton, and NeoCortex.
  • Remix (played by Debby Ryan) - Jade was once an average, self-centered rock star who first appeared in "Guitar Superhero". During one of her concerts where she was covered with yak's milk lotion irradiated by sunlight. When she strummed her guitar with her tongue, the electric shock caused the lotion to give her flight, energy projection, and force field projection. With Kaz and Oliver's help, she learned what it meant to be a hero and became the superhero Remix. She was the first hero to have an on-screen origin, considering that was the main plot of her first appearance. She has only appeared in "Guitar Superhero".
  • Spotlight - Spotlight is a superhero that can shoot beams of light and can teleport. In "Guitar Superhero," Spotlight provided the light for Jade's costume unveiling for her Remix appearance. In "How the Mighty Med Have Fallen" Pt. 2, Spotlight is among the superheroes that fight Annihilator and Skylar Storm (who is under Annihilator's control).
  • Alley Cat - Alley Cat is a cat-themed superhero who first appeared in "Night of the Living Nightmare". She lost one of her 9 lives in a nightmare and lost another one when a light fell from the ceiling. She is a parody of Catwoman. In "How the Mighty Med Have Fallen," Alley Cat is among the superheroes that help Titanio fight Annihilator and Skylar Storm. She has appeared in "Night of the Living Nightmare" and "How the Mighty Med Have Fallen".
  • Agent Blaylock (played by Windell D. Middlebrooks) - A member of the Secret Superhero Service Division. Besides wielding a laser gun, he can phase through the walls. Agent Blaylock first appeared in "Mighty Mad" where he posed as a teacher named Mr. Patterson where he is looking for the supervillain Dr. Wrath. After Dr. Wrath is defeated, Agent Blaylock sweeps up his remains and thanks Kaz, Oliver, and Skyler Storm for their help. In "Mighty Mole," Agent Blaylock looks for a mole in Mighty Med when one is suspected of helping the Annihilator. When he finds that it is Skyler Storm, Agent Blaylock is petrified by Skyler.
  • Optimo (played by Mike Beaver) - Optimo is an undercover superhero who is part of the super secret heroes in hiding (S.S.H.H. for short) and Alan's father who first appeared in "Free Wi-Fi." Alan had never met him before. In "Free Wi-Fi", he disobeys Horace and goes to meet him. Optimo is forced to pretend to be a normo called Nelson in order to stay undercover. After Alan leaves, it is revealed that he has telekinesis. Horace is also shown to be covering up Optimo's secret. In "Do You Want to Build a Lava Man," Optimo visits Horace for a medical procedure causing Horace to keep Optimo from officially meeting him. Optimo's reason for having Horace watch Alan is to keep his archenemy Razorclaw from targeting Alan. The condition that Optimo has is a virus that would turn him into goo and the only way to cure Optimo is to obtain a sample of Alan's DNA. When Horace manages to get a sample of Alan's DNA, he uses it to save Optimo before the final stage of the virus can turn him into goo. After being cured, Optimo is asked by Horace to obtain him a new paddle ball since the one he has is "broken."
  • Dark Warrior (played by Ben Giroux) - Dark Warrior is a parody of Batman who uses a voice modulator to speak. Even though Dark Warrior appears tall, he has raised parts in his boots where his real height has him near the same size as Oliver. He wields a utility belt which contains various weapons and gadgets. Aside from being a parody of him, Dark Warrior appears to be based on many portrayals of Batman where his suit is similar to the Batsuit from "Batman Begins", "The Dark Knight", and "The Dark Knight Rises". He has a dark, corrupt personality and he has a tendency to break that character. He appears in "Two Writers Make A Wrong" and "Lair, Lair".
  • Amicus (voiced by Matt Nolan) - A dog superhero. He has only appeared in "Are You Afraid of the Shark?".
    • Harold - Amicus' pet human. He has only appeared in "Are You Afraid of the Shark?".

Background superheroes in this show include Sparkplug, The Silver Shield, Valkira, Pencil Man, Bubble Man, Mr. Quick, Icicle, Veritas: Owl of Truth, Gamma Girl, Captain Infinity, Rewind, Flame Girl, Alpha Dog, Scarlet Ace, Dynamo, and Blurry Girl although more superheroes could appear.

Solar Flare I and The Scarlet Cyclone appeared when Kaz and Oliver went back in time in "Atomic Blast From the Past".


  • The Annihilator (played by Morgan Benoit, voiced by David Sobolov) - The Annihilator is a full-armored supervillain who is the archenemy of Skylar Storm and the primary antagonist of the series. He was once an original human named Neil Gunsenhauser who developed superpowers and was trained by Hapax the Elder to be a superhero which doesn't go as Hapax the Elder planned. He keeps a trophy of the superpowers (which are stored in different canisters) and weapons he steals from defeated superheroes. He is responsible for stealing Skylar Storm's powers and invisible motorcycle in an ambush. In "The Friend of My Friend is My Enemy", Annihilator was mentioned to have hired Experion to capture Skylar Storm in order to keep her from regaining her powers. In "There's a Storm Coming", the Annihilator shows up in person where he finds Kaz and Oliver in his lair trying to reclaim Skylar Storm's powers. Using a steam cover, Kaz and Oliver managed to sneak out of through the ventilation with Skyler Storm's powers. The Annihilator later catches up to Kaz and Oliver at Mighty Med the same time when Catastrophe, Megahertz, and Experion raid the hospital due to the tracking device he places on his trophies. Skylar Storm then fights the Annihilator. When Mighty Med's reactor goes supernova, Skylar Storm takes advantage of this by tricking Annihilator into a trap. In a twist ending, the Annihilator had tampered with Skylar Storm's powers in order to control her and Mighty Med. In "How the Mighty Med Have Fallen," Annihilator plans to obtain the Quantum Chip that contains the secret files of every superhero. It turned out that the Quantum Chip is in the form of a sour cream and onion potato chip that Kaz and Oliver ate as Annihilator and Skylar Storm plan to get it out of their stomachs upon using the remote that attracts the Quantum Chip. When Annihilator plans to cut open Kaz and Oliver to get the Quantum Chip, he and Skylar are tricked into using the Forestation on them for Horace Diaz. Titanio arrives with a cadre of superheroes to fight Annihilator. After Megahertz charges a capsule which Skylar Storm turns back time, time is changed back so that Annihilator ends up remanded to Mighty Max. From his cell as seen in "Lair, Lair," the Annihilator plans to use Skylar Storm into helping him create an army of supervillains from the superheroes so that he can, and Skylar and him successfully turned Snowstorm and Tecton evil. In "Mighty Mole", he and Skylar turn NeoCortex evil. In "Do You Want to Build a Lava Man," Kaz and Oliver discover the Annihilator's origin and make plans to go to Caldera in order to get him to help free Skylar Storm from the Annihilator's control. After Kaz and Oliver pass Hapax the Elder's challenge, the Annihilator and Skylar Storm arrive on Caldera. He has appeared in "There's a Storm Coming", "How the Mighty Med Have Fallen", "Lair, Lair", "Mighty Mole" and "The Claw Prank Redemption".
  • Wallace and Clyde (played by Randy Sklar and Jason Sklar) - Wallace and Clyde are owners of The Domain who want to destroy the superheroes at Mighty Med and get revenge on Horace Diaz. In "Copy Kaz," it is revealed that Wallace and Clyde were once one a being called Catastrophe (played by Derek Mears), the most powerful villain in the galaxy. Catastrophe was eventually defeated by Horace and divided into 2 pathetic humans with little power. When apart or together, Wallace and Clyde can disintegrate anything. They appear in "Saving the People Who Save People", "Sm'oliver's Travels", "Alan's Reign of Terror", "Lockdown", "The Friend of My Friend is My Enemy", "Night of the Living Nightmare", "Copy Kaz", "Are You Afraid of the Shark?", "There's a Storm Coming" and "The Claw Prank Redemption". In "There's a Storm Coming", Wallace and Clyde trick Alan out of the other half of the Dyad of Nebulon that Horace holds. Upon forcing the location of Mighty Med out of Alan and leaving him bound and gagged, Wallace and Clyde rejoin Horace's the piece of the Dyad with theirs at Mighty Med's entrance and joined together as Catastrophe to seek revenge on Horace Diaz. When he finds Horace, Catastrophe gets out of Horace's freeze trap and destroys the weapon that Horace would use in the event of Catastrophe's attack. Due to the reactor going nova, Catastrophe's powers were disabled as Alan breaks the Dyad in half regressing Catastrophe back to Wallace and Clyde. When Wallace and Clyde try to persuade Alan use the Dyad's powers to become more powerful than he ever wanted to be and to give Wallace and Clyde a continent to rule over as long as it's not Australia, Alan throws the Dyad of Nebulon pieces into the reactor stating that it's too much work. Afterwards, Wallace and Clyde are arrested by the Mighty Med security team along with Megahertz and Experion. In "The Claw Prank Redemption," it is revealed that Wallace and Clyde could never get sests at the Cool Villains Table at Mighty Max Prison.
  • Megahertz (played by James Ryen) - A human/titanium cyborg forged in a freak accident at a power plant and Tecton's nemesis. Like his name suggests, Megahertz has high voltage electrokinesis. Unfortunately if he uses it too much, he has to go back to the power plant where he became Megahertz (which he uses as his lair) and recharge. According to Kaz and Oliver, his real name is Leslie. He ultimately despises not just Tecton, but also Kaz and Oliver (due to Kaz helping Tecton defeat him in his first appearance and Oliver throwing a bedpan at him). In "There's a Storm Coming," Megahertz is a cellmate of Experion where was previously in solitary confinement for injuring a prison guard's pelvis. Experion uses the cell phone he took from Kaz to free himself and Megahertz from Mighty Max Prison. During the fight at Mighty Med, the reactor goes supernova disabling Megahertz's powers as he, Experion, and Wallace and Clyde are arrested by the Mighty Med security team. In "How the Mighty Med Have Fallen," Megahertz was placed in the Chamber of Certain Destruction, a cell for repeated offenders that turns them into limited edition action figures. Kaz, Oliver, and Alan fall into it and encounter Megahertz where he explains the chamber's purpose. Megahertz, Kaz, and Oliver are let out when Alan accidentally turns into a blue whale. Kaz and Oliver convince Megahertz to boost the signal to Oliver's phone so that they can contact some help. Before leaving after this, Megahertz warns Kaz, Oliver, and Alan not to tell anyone that he helped them or else he'll hunt them down (which he will do anyway). Megahertz later arrives where Skylar Storm uses her powers to turn back time. He is a spoof of Metallo and Electro. His name is a play on "megahertz" meaning a high unit of electrical frequency. He has appeared in "Saving the People Who Save People" Pt.2, "So You Think You Can Be a Sidekick", "There's a Storm Coming" and "How the Mighty Med Have Fallen". Megahertz was mentioned by Kaz and Oliver in "The Claw Prank Redemption".
  • Micros (played by Adam Leadbeater) - Micros is a supervillain who can make himself microscopic. He is the archenemy of Citadel where he stated that Citadel stole his girlfriend in college (though Micros claims that he's the one who broke up with her). When he was inside Citadel, he used a laser gun and utility saw to try to destroy the superhero from inside. He used both of these to try to kill Oliver as well. He has only appeared in "Sm'oliver's Travels".
  • Crimson Demon - Crimson Demon is a demonic supervillain who had excellent jumping abilities and wields a fire staff that shoots fireballs. His brothers Blue Demon, Matt Demon, and White Demon were imprisoned in a lower dimension by Tecton where Crimson Demon plotted to free them. He came into Logan High School to watch the events unfold that would open the portal and free his brothers. However, just as the portal was opening, Oliver figured out a way to manipulate Timeline's powers to freeze time, giving them a bit more time. Immune to this, Crimson Demon attacked. Thanks to Timeline predicting his attacks and Skylar's moves, they managed to fight back and imprison him. Skylar kicked him into a drum Oliver and Kaz were holding, and then the two friends threw the demon into the same portal, thus imprisoning him with his brothers. Crimson Demon is a parody of Dormammu and Red Skull. He has only appeared in "It's Not the End of the World". He was mentioned in "Mighty Mole".
  • Experion (played by Chase Austin) - A former superhero and Skylar Storm's former childhood friend from the planet Caldera. He appeared in Mighty Med in the episode "The Friend of My Friend is My Enemy", supposedly attempting to restore her powers, but in truth, he had actually (for unknown reasons) turned to the dark side and was attempting to bring her to the Annihilator who wanted to keep Skylar Storm from regaining her powers and seeking revenge. His powers are magnetism and gravokinesis. Until discovering his true nature, Kaz thought Experion was the second-coolest teen. When he and Skylar had a fight, he then not only despised Skylar, but also Kaz and Oliver due to them helping Skylar defeat him where she had used night googles in the dark. Now, Experion is an enemy to Skylar, Kaz and Oliver after being taken away by Mighty Med's security team. In "There's a Storm Coming", Kaz and Oliver visit Experion at Mighty Max Prison in order to get the location of the Annihilator's lair. He tells them that he resides in a sewer lair four blocks from the abandoned slaughterhouse. He does lend them his right eyeball which he regrows (the people of Caldera can regenerate their eyes) in order to get through the retina scanners at the Annihilator's base. During this time, Experion is shown to be a cellmate of Megahertz. Experion uses the cell phone he took from Kaz to free himself and Megahertz from Mighty Max Prison. During the fight at Mighty Med, the reactor goes supernova disabling Experion's powers as he, Megahertz, and Wallace and Clyde are arrested by the Mighty Med security team. He appears in "The Friend of My Friend Is My Enemy" and "There's a Storm Coming". He was mentioned by Kaz in "Lair, Lair".
  • Black Falcon (played by Scott Anthony Leet) - One of the most dangerous villains in the show who first appeared in "Atomic Blast from the Past". Black Falcon can fly and shoot deadly energy blasts that can either harm or stun the victims. He has a staff that can enhance his powers, which serves as his main weapon of choice. His danger factor is due to the fact the he knocked out almost every superhero in his area (except for Captain Atomic) and some his energy blasts can even shatter Captain Atomic's yo-yo shield. In "How the Mighty Med Have Fallen," it was revealed that Black Falcon was turned into a limited action figure by Mighty Max's Chamber of Certain Destruction (which is reserved for repeat offenders) alongside Blood Chef and Machete Man. He has a slight English accent and is similar to Thor from Marvel Comics.
  • Dr. Wrath - Dr. Wrath is a shapeshifting supervillain that feeds off of negative energy. Before no one knew what Dr. Wrath really looked like due to them always wearing a cloak, and being a shapeshifter the arrived at Logan High School where he shapeshifted into Stefanie and impersonated her, spreading negative energy to strengthen them. While building a machine that would make the whole world negative. Knowing they were being followed by Agent Baylock, they waited to Kaz imprisoned him think he was Doctor Wrath before revealing themselves and then imprisoned him and Skylar Storm. Then after telling them there plan, returned to the science lab. Kaz and Skylar Storm managed to break free and Skylar confronted and fought her, while Kaz altered the machine. However, Dr. Wrath proved too powerful for Skylar, and the machine activated. However due to Kaz's alterations instead of creating negativity, it created positivity, meaning Doctor Wrath was left with no power. Thus he returned to his true form, before exploding being reduced to a pile of ashes. His ashes are then sweeped up by Agent Blaylock. He has only appeared in "Mighty Mad".
  • Sonic Shriek (played by Marcus Giamatti) - Sonic Shriek was originally an inventor who tried to make limitless energy out of sound, but one of his inventions malfunctioned and he gained super powers. After that, he vowed to destroy any monument named after an inventor, regardless how many lives were destroyed in the process. At some point, he decided to destroy the Franklin bridge as seen in "Fantasy League of Superheroes". As all the superheroes were caught up in Kaz's fantasy hero League, they were all out trying to stop the same disaster meaning there was no one left to stop him. As such Skylar Storm and Kaz were forced to try and stop him there selves. Unfortunately Sonic Shriek manage to easily defeat Skylar and imprisoned them both. Tecton arrived to stop him, but he was interrupted when Captain Atomic also arrived. As both heroes were still to caught up in Kaz's fantasy league to think straight, they began fighting each other allowing Sonic Shriek to capture them both. He then started the bombs count down, Skylar managed to goad him into trying to destroy them. At the last minute, she dodge destroying the restraints freeing her and Kaz. She managed to knock down Sonic Shriek and free Tecton and Captain Atomic. Captain Atomic then flew the bomb to a safe distance while Tecton easily defeated Sonic Shriek, before taking him away. He has only appeared in "Fantasy League of Superheroes".
  • Revengeance - A battle with Tecton left Revengeance as a disembodied cloud. Revengeance plans on regaining his physical form and conquering the world. He has flight and mind control where he can possess the body of anyone. He attempted to succeed in his plan, but was sucked into a vacuum cleaner. He has only appeared in "Lockdown".
  • Soul Slayer (played by Scott Connors) - Titanio's nemesis. Soul Slayer has energy projection and teleportation. Skylar (attempting to prove Remix wasn't a real hero) had Titanio dress up as Soul Slayer, but the real Soul Slayer arrived for unknown reasons. Remix and Skylar battled him, but Soul Slayer's teleportation gave him the upper hand. However, Kaz and Oliver turned the tide by playing electric guitars, forming magnetic fields that left Soul Slayer unable to teleport, eventually leading to his defeat. He has only appeared in "Guitar Superhero". He was mentioned by Horace in "The Pen is Mighty Med-ier than the Sword".
  • Wi-Fi (played by John Griffin) - A supervillain who wants to steal all of Mighty Med's secrets and share them with all the rest of the supervillains. He has the power to go into computers which is how he attempts to steal Mighty Med's secrets. He first appeared in "Free Wi-Fi" when Kaz accidentally frees him from his flash drive prison. He only appeared in "Free Wi-Fi".
  • Dreadlock (played by Bruno Gunn) - Dark Warrior's nemesis. Dreadlock designs weapons that counteract his nemesis' weapons. He was never seen in person, but it should be known that he is extremely evil, threatening to fire his henchman out to a cannon into a saw if he fails. He was only seen on a monitor and his henchman Bob also disguised as him. After it was discovered that Oliver and Bob were posing as the respectful characters, Oliver and Kaz told Ambrose to end the comic with Dark Warrior and Dreadlock falling into the dark parts of the city. His mask bares slight resemblance to that of Bane from "The Dark Knight Rises". He has only appeared on a view screen in "Two Writers Make a Wrong".
    • Bob (played by Elisha Yaffe) - Dreadlock's henchman. He had to battle Oliver (who was disguised as Dark Warrior) in Dreadlock's place at the time when Dreadlock had a stomach virus. He has only appeared in "Two Writers Make a Wrong".


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The series originally premiered on October 7, 2013 on Disney XD and on October 12, 2013 on Disney Channel. It premiered on Disney XD (Canada) on November 2, 2013,[4] on February 17, 2014 on Disney XD (Malaysia)[5] and on February 27, 2014 on Disney XD (UK & Ireland).[6] It premiered on March 7, 2014 on Disney Channel (Southeast Asia),[7] and also on Disney Channel (Southern Africa) on Disney XD. It premiered on April 11, 2014 on Disney XD (Australia).[8]


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