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Miguel Rascón (2012)

Miguel Rascón (born August 20, 1972 in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico) better known by the stage name Meegs, is a rock guitarist of Chinese and Mexican descent. He has resided in Los Angeles, California, USA, since his teenage years.


Rascón is most famous as the guitarist in the nu metal band Coal Chamber during the 1990s and early 2000s. He has a daughter named Savannah.

He played for two years with the vocalist Dez Fafara in "She's In Pain", a band the two formed in 1992, before they formed Coal Chamber in 1994.

With Coal Chamber, Rascón recorded three albums that were released on Roadrunner Records, which earned commercial success. The band was a part of the first three Ozzfest tours. They broke up in 2003. However, Coal Chamber reformed in September 2011 and performed at Australian's Soundwave Festival in early 2012.[1] They also plan to release new material in the future.[2]

Rascón formed a new band, Piñata, with a more melodic hard rock sound than he had previously made. In 2006, the group changed its name to Glass Piñata.

In 2001, Rascón collaborated with Jessicka from the band Jack Off Jill on the song "Iieee", for a Tori Amos tribute album.[3]

In August 2009, after a 3 year break from the music industry following the disbandment of Glass Pinata, Rascón joined the Orange County rock/electro band NEO GEO, leaving them in January 2010.[4]

Since 2010 he is in We Are The Riot with the former Coal Chamber drummer Mikey Cox .

Recently he reunited with Coal Chamber.


LTD Les Paul style guitar tuned down to B standard( BEADGB) or Drop A with the help the hipshot installed on his guitar. Used in many of their videos and concerts including a Kramer guitar and a Marshall JCM800 amp. String gauge .065,.056,.042,.032,.022,.018 said in an interview with guitar.com.

Effects - Flanger, Chorus, Phaser, and Delay.

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