Miguel da Paz, Prince of Portugal

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Miguel da Paz
Prince of Portugal, Prince of Asturias and Prince of Girona
House House of Aviz
Father Manuel I of Portugal
Mother Isabella, Princess of Asturias
Born (1498-08-23)23 August 1498
Died 19 July 1500(1500-07-19)
(aged 1 year, 329 days)
Burial Capilla Real, Granada
Religion Roman Catholicism
Iberian kingdoms during Miguel da Paz's lifetime. Had he survived, he'd have united the three kingdoms (Castile and León, Aragon, and Portugal) and brought about an Iberian Union.

Miguel da Paz, Prince of Portugal and Prince of Asturias (Portuguese: Miguel da Paz de Trastâmara e Avis, Portuguese pronunciation: [mi ɡɛɫ dɐ ˈpaʃ]; Spanish: Miguel de la Paz de Avís y Trastámara, "Michael of Peace") (23 August 1498 – 19 July 1500) was a Portuguese royal infante (prince), son of King Manuel I of Portugal and his first wife, Isabella of Asturias (1470-1498).

Life and Death[edit]

Miguel da Paz was born in Zaragoza, Spain on 23 August 1498. His mother, Isabella of Asturias, died within an hour of his birth. For the next two years, he was the recognized heir of his father's kingdom of Portugal, and of the kingdoms of Castile, León, and Aragon, which he would inherit from his grandparents, Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile.[1] As such, he was styled Prince of Portugal, Prince of Asturias, and Prince of Girona.

Miguel died in Granada on 19 July 1500, in his grandmother's arms.[2] He was buried in the Capilla Real, in Granada.

In October 1500, Miguel's father married Maria of Aragon, who was also the younger sister of Miguel's mother. Maria gave birth to Manuel's eventual successor, John III, and to several other children.[3]

The hopes of Isabella I and Ferdinand II to unite all of the Iberian kingdoms vanished with Miguel's death. After he died, another of Miguel's maternal aunts, Joanna became the heiress of Castile, León, and Aragon, eventually bringing those kingdoms to the Habsburgs, under Joanna's son, Charles V. However, the Iberian Union, although short-lived, took place eighty years later, from 1580 to 1640, under the Habsburg King Philip II of Spain, Miguel's half-great-nephew and the grandson of Joanna of Castile, Manuel of Portugal, and Maria of Aragon, acquired Portugal and its dominions (see the Philippine Dynasty).


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Miguel da Paz, Prince of Portugal
Cadet branch of the House of Burgundy
Born: 23 August 1498 Died: 19 July 1500
Preceded by
Prince of Portugal
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Prince of Asturias
Title next held by
Preceded by
Prince of Girona