Mijikenda language

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Not to be confused with Nyika language.
Native to Kenya, Tanzania
Region Mombasa and Kwale districts in Kenya; Muheza and Tanga districts in Tanzania
Ethnicity Mijikenda, Chonyi
Native speakers
1.8 million  (1994–2009)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Variously:
coh – Chonyi
dig – Digo
dug – Duruma
nyf – Giryama
seg – Segeju
Glottolog miji1238[2]

Mijikenda is a Bantu dialect cluster of Kenya, with about 100,000 speakers in Tanzania.


Maho (2009) lists four varieties as distinct languages:


Clicks have been reported in ideophones from two dialects of Mijikenda, Digo and Duruma. (It is not known if they occur in the others.) These are tsya! /ʇ̃ǎ/ 'scram!' and /ʇ̃akule/ 'minute'. It is not known if these have any connection with the neighboring language Dahalo.


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