Miju language

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Pronunciation [kɯ˧˩mɑn˧˥]
Region Arunachal Pradesh, India
Ethnicity Miju Mishmi
Native speakers
18,000  (2006)[1]
possibly Sino-Tibetan (Midzuish), or a language isolate
  • Kaman
Language codes
ISO 639-3 mxj
Glottolog miju1243[2]

Kaman (Geman, Geman Deng), or Miju (Miju Mishmi, Midzu), is a small language of India and slightly into China. Long assumed to be a Sino-Tibetan language, it may actually be a language isolate.[3]

In China, the Miju are known are the Deng 僜人. The Deng number over 1,000 in Zayü County, Tibet, China, with 1,000 of the Deng having the autonym tɑ31 ruɑŋ53 (大让), and 130 having the autonym kɯ31 mɑn35 (格曼) (Gemanyu Yanjiu). They are also neighbors with the Idu or i53 du31 (义都) people.

In India, Miju is spoken in Hawai Circle and the Parsuram Kund area of Lohit District, Arunachal Pradesh (Boro 1978, Dasgupta 1977).


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