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Mike "Nug" Nahrgang is a Canadian comedian and actor. He has won three Canadian Comedy Awards as a member of the sketch comedy troupe The Minnesota Wrecking Crew (Best Sketch Troupe, 2003-2004; Best Taped Live Performance, "Sketch with Kevin McDonald", 2006), and is also a member of the sketch duo Nugmutter with Perry Perlmutar, who were nominated for the prestigious Tim Sims Award in 1999.

Nahrgang has also appeared in several films, most notably Cube Zero, Men with Brooms, and Jackie Chan's The Tuxedo. In the summer of 2007 and the spring of 2008 Nahrgang was a part of the cast in the Toronto installment of Evil Dead: The Musical.

Mustard Man[edit]

The photo of "Mustard Man".

Nahrgang is also the web-renowned Mustard Man. The Mustard Man is an Internet meme that first gained prominence on Somethingawful.com and later on numerous other web-based forums, including isfullofcrap.com, which published a series of "Mustard Man Adventures", and Fark.com.

The picture became popular in early 2004 and was used in numerous Photoshop pictures (and contests) on the aforementioned websites.[citation needed] In 2004 "Mustard Man" made the top five of somethingugly.com's "Ten Worst Things On The Internet" list. The true identity of the man pictured was unknown until the owners of Bloggerheads.com tracked down Nahrgang on the internet.

The picture was taken during the taping of an episode of the Canadian sketch-comedy show The Endless Grind, in which he had a part. Nahrgang and another actor were having a food fight and Nahrgang ended up covered in mustard.[citation needed]

It is often thought that the Gnarkill song "Mustard Man" is about Nahrgang, but was in fact produced well before the Mustard Man Phenomenon, and is in fact about a friend of the band named Rake Yohn who despises mustard.




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