Mike A. Males

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Mike A. Males
Born 1950
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
Occupation Author, university professor, social issue researcher, writer
Nationality American
Genres Nonfiction
Subjects Sociology, Youth studies


Mike A. Males (born 1950) is an American sociologist[1] who is senior researcher for the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice, San Francisco, and content director for YouthFacts.org, the online information service on youth issues. He earlier taught for five years up to 2006 at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where he taught "Sociology of Men" and "California Youth in Transition".

Males wrote Scapegoat Generation, a book that analyzes statistics to dispel myths about young people in the 1990s.

He is the author of:

  • Teenage Sex and Pregnancy: Modern Myths, Unsexy Realities (Praeger, 2010),
  • Kids and Guns (Common Courage Press, 2001),
  • The Scapegoat Generation: America's War On Adolescents (1996),
  • Framing Youth: 10 Myths About The Next Generation (Common Courage Press, 1999)
  • Smoked: Why Joe Camel Is Still Smiling (Common Courage Press, 1999).

Other publications include

  • "What Do Student Drug Use Surveys Really Mean?" (Journal of School Health, January 2005),
  • "The New Demons: Ordinary Teens" (Los Angeles Times, April, 2002)
  • "Wrong Way for Teen Drivers" (Los Angeles Times, January, 2008).


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