Mike Bailey (actor)

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Mike Bailey
Mike Bailey cropped.jpg
Mike Bailey
Born 1988
Bristol, England, UK
Occupation Actor
Years active 2007–Present

Mike Bailey (born 1988) is an English actor and singer from Bristol,[citation needed] best known for playing the role of Sid Jenkins in the first two series of the British teen drama Skins.


In the Skins series 1 finale, he sang a musical ensemble version of "Wild World" by Cat Stevens. Bailey, along with most of the main cast of series 1 and 2, did not return for the third series. He has also appeared in the Channel 4 drama 1066: The Battle for Middle Earth as Tofi, which was broadcast in May 2009.

In March 2012, he filmed in Birmingham We Are The Freaks,[1] a teen comedy directed by Justin Edgar and produced by Alex Usborne at 104 Films, which was released in 2013.


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