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Michael John "Mike" Ford is a Canadian singer-songwriter, and a former member of Toronto band Moxy Früvous.[1]

Solo career[edit]

In 2004 he released Stars Shone on Toronto, his first solo album. Canada Needs You, his second solo album, was released in 2005. It is an album initially geared towards children and focuses on Canadian history, ranging from the earliest European contacts with First Nations to the settlement of the Prairie provinces. His third album, Satellite Hot Stove, an 8-song follow-up to Stars Shone on Toronto, was released in 2007. Canada Needs You Volume Two, the follow-up to the previous like-named album focusing on events in Canadian history from World War I to the protests at Clayoquot Sound, was released in June 2008.[2]

As a recipient of an Ontario Arts Council artist in education grant, Ford regularly tours schools across Ontario performing his curriculum-focused compositions about Canada in lively and interactive concerts. He has also made stops across Ontario to work with students in the creation of their own songs about the environment, community and identity.

He has appeared on many recordings including albums by The Klezmatics, Barenaked Ladies, David Francey, and The Arrogant Worms. Since around 2006, Mike Ford has been performing at a summer camp called Camp Kodiak.

Mike Ford and Murray Foster are the founding members of The Cocksure Lads.


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