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Mike Gayle
Mike Gayle at Humber Mouth 2007.jpg
Mike Gayle
Born October 1970
Birmingham, England1
Occupation Author
Genre Lad lit, Popular fiction

Mike Gayle (born October 1970, Birmingham) is an English author.[1]


Gayle was born in Quinton, Birmingham,to parents from Jamaica, and attended Lordswood Boys School where he was Head Boy.[2]

He studied Sociology and Journalism at university.[3]

He was a features editor and later an agony aunt for Just Seventeen and Bliss before he had his first novel published. He is friends with Danny Wallace who made Mike his Minister of Home Affairs, in the Kingdom of Lovely.

Gayle is a chick-lit author, although he has expressed a dislike for the term,[4] and freelance journalist contributing to a variety of magazines including FHM and Sunday Times Style.

He is the younger brother of broadcaster Phil Gayle.

He now lives in Harborne with his daughter and his wife Claire.[2]

Books (Novels)[edit]

His ninth book is a non-fiction novel called The To Do List, about his own efforts to complete a 1277-item To Do List.


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