Mike Hammer: Murder Takes All

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Mike Hammer: Murder Takes All
The movie cover for Mike Hammer: Murder Takes All
Directed by John Nicolella
Produced by Jeffrey Morton
Written by Mickey Spillane
Rudy Day
Mark Edward Edens
Starring Stacy Keach
Lynda Carter
Lindsay Bloom
Don Stroud
Jim Carrey
Stacy Galina
Lyle Alzado
Royce D. Applegate
Edward Winter
Michelle Phillips
Music by Ron Ramin
Distributed by CBS
Columbia Pictures
Release date(s) May 21, 1989
Running time 92 min.
Language English

Mike Hammer: Murder Takes All is a 1989 mystery crime thriller television film. It starred Stacy Keach.[1] This television film co-stars former Wonder Woman actress Lynda Carter, Michelle Phillips and Jim Carrey. It was entirely filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Madonna song "Open Your Heart" is featured in this television film.


Mike is asked by a Las Vegas entertainer named Johnny Roman (Edward Winter) to come to Vegas. Mike refuses, but somebody abducts him to Las Vegas and drops him out of a plane with a parachute when arriving there. He is led to believe that Roman had him shanghaied, which the entertainer denies. Roman later gets shot by an unknown murderer and someone has planted evidence that points to Mike. Mike then sets out to try and clear his name after Barbara Leguire gets killed and he is again the suspect. He wonders if there was a key to Leguire's costume. Mike gets chased by William Bundy (Royce D. Applegate) who falls from the ceiling with him at the casino. Bundy later gets shot at a ranch before Mike and Brad Peters (Jim Carrey) arrive there. They later call Amy Durant (Stacy Galina) and get sent back to downtown Las Vegas in her car. Amy tells Mike that Johnny Roman was her biological father, though she was raised by Helen's rich husband, Carl Durant. Mike finds out her mother Helen (Lynda Carter) lied to him about it because Johnny once mistreated her when she was a young chorus girl. She married Carl during her pregnancy. Leora (Michelle Phillips) waits at the Hoover Dam. Riflemen from Carl's clinic at the catwalk shoot Leora. Mike slaughters all of them, but wonders who set it up. Helen soon takes Mike to Lake Mead to spend the night on her boat. The next day, Carl and Brad arrive seeking for an account book which Mike mistakes for a diary, but Carl opens a door that had been booby-trapped by his wife, Helen, killing him and Brad with an explosion. Mike escapes it and swims back to the dock. After Mike pursues Helen, he finds out that the account book, diary, and key to Barbara Leguire's costume were fictitious. In fact, Helen was the murderer all along. She gets arrested and sent to jail afterwards. Mike drops a bunch of dollars from Helen's case for a donation to Johnny's "Have a Heart" telethon bin and returns to New York City.


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