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Mike Hosking (born c. 1965) is a New Zealand television and radio journalist and presenter. He currently works as the weekly Breakfast host on radio station Newstalk ZB and as a co-host of Seven Sharp.

He has lived and worked as a broadcaster in Wellington, Christchurch and currently, Auckland.


Hosking's early career was in radio, working on the Radio New Zealand commercial network in the early 1990s hosting The Tonight Show with a talkback format. He then went on to co-host Morning Report on National Radio with Geoff Robinson. Hosking first joined TVNZ in 1997, when it began its Breakfast show. He was then axed from the show in 2004. He made his return to television in 2008 when he filled in on TVNZ's Close Up programme. He hosted the game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? New Zealand, which began in September 2008 on TV ONE. In 2014, he and Toni Street joined Jesse Mulligan on the Seven Sharp panel for the show's second season.

Personal life[edit]

He had twins from his first marriage and now is married to fellow broadcaster Kate Hawkesby. She has 3 children from her previous marriage[1]

In 2013, he was the master of ceremonies at Prime Minister John Key's state of the nation speech, which he also endorsed.[2] Hosking is a climate change denier, stating on Seven Sharp that he doesn't believe in the IPCC report.[3]


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