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Mike Malast after MASS Inauguration

Mike Malast is an American entrepreneur, sports agent and fight promoter. In 2010 Mike was licensed by the Department of State through the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission as a promoter of mixed martial arts (MMA) becoming the youngest fight promoter in the nation at age 26. He got his start in the sport just 3 months after MMA became sanctioned in his home state of PA in February 2009 [1] after creating and launching MMA Melee – Community of Combat[2] a social network dedicated to the progression of the mixed martial arts industry.

MMA Melee, INC sponsors a professional and amateur fight team. The franchise boasts a 93% win rate of the fighters representing the company. Melee team members have competed in dozens of fight leagues around the world including the UFC. Their endorsement deals have been seen on global networks such as Spike TV, MTV2, Versus, HD Net, Comcast Sports & PPV.[3] After becoming licensed by the Department of State Mike went on to becoming the founder and President of his own MMA fight league. MASS Productions, LLC. Martial Arts Super Sport is a pro/am mixed martial arts league. The focus was to showcase the talent, dedication and self-discipline of today’s martial artists.

In August 2009, Mike became manager to Jimy “The Kid” Hettes. Hettes was the first fighter sponsored by MMA Melee and later went on to win the MASS Featherweight Championship during MASS Inauguration at the Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza July 16, 2011. Immediately following that bout the MMA Melee CEO secured a multi-fight deal for his client with the world leading MMA organization the Ultimate Fighting Championship - UFC. For Hettes’s rookie year he remained the only undefeated featherweight on the organizations roster.[4]


Company Position
Martial Arts Super Sport President
Boss ENT. Sports & Entertainment Agent


Hip Hop & Fight World Celebrate a 3.5 Million Dollar Merger

Mike & Everi Exposure Ent. CEO Sydney Mcdonald started taking musicians on tour with the MMA Melee fight team to perform at arenas before & during the shows as well as perform walkout songs for members of the fight team.


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