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Mike Moyer
Mike Moyer.jpg
Born (1971-08-04) 4 August 1971 (age 43)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
Occupation Author, Entrepreneur, university educator

Michael Dirck Moyer (born in 1971) is an American entrepreneur, author, adjunct lecturer at Northwestern University, and adjunct associate professor at the University of Chicago[1] He has written three books in support of achieving success in advanced education or business, including the 2008 book How to Make Colleges Want You, and the 2012 book "Slicing Pie", about dividing up equity in early-stage companies.

Moyer and his business partner Alyson Tesler were the winners of the 2003 New Venture Challenge at the University of Chicago for which their start-up company, Vicarious Communications, Inc., received a $25,000 investment from the university.[2]


Moyer attended the University of Kansas, receiving a BA degree in 1995. He then studied integrated marketing communications at Northwestern University, receiving an MS degree in 1996, after which he received an MBA degree from the University of Chicago in 2004.


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