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Mike Pilot
Mike Pilot in 2013
Born Michael J. Pilat
(1975-07-29) July 29, 1975 (age 39)
Reading, Pennsylvania
Occupation Broadcaster
Years active 1996 – present
Known for Full Of Sith, The Mediocre Show, Obviously Oblivious, The Awful Show
Spouse(s) Ariana (Arndt) Pilat
Children 1
Parents Jan & BonnieSue

Michael J. Pilat (born 29 July 1975), known as Mike Pilot and "Tha Mike", is an American broadcaster. He is the creator and co-host of the iTunes-distributed Full Of Sith Star Wars Podcast, along with Bryan Young and Bobby Roberts.

Mike started his podcasting career in 2006 with the groundbreaking and extremely popular The Awful Show podcast (2006-2009). 3 years and almost 4 million downloaded shows later he then retired from The Awful Show and was later drafted in June 2009 as the co-host for the Mediocre Show with the founder of the Mediocre ShowEric Tomorrow. That same month and year (June 2009), Pilot also created the Obviously Oblivious podcast.

In March 2014 Mike left The Mediocre Show but continues to do Full of Sith and Obviously Oblivious on a weekly basis.

On October 10th 2014 Mike received an Honorary Induction to the Empire City Garrison of the 501 Legion.

Childhood and early life[edit]

Pilot was born into a Italian American family in Reading, Pennsylvania. The only son (and 2nd oldest) of Jan and BonnieSue’s (Leonardo) five child family, Pilot joked many times that his four sisters taught him how to treat a lady by their teaming up and physically beating on him. His father, Jan, worked as a Steelworker /Power Coating Operator and his mother BonnieSue stayed home and raised the children until going back to get her degree in Child Services. Pilot’s four sisters are (in order of age) Brandy, Bonnie, Samantha and Kyrie. Pilot frequently talks about his family on the show and shares funny childhood stories and it’s easy to get how close he is to them. Pilot even served as “Man of Honor” at his youngest sister Kyrie’s wedding in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in 2008. Pilot often says that his parent’s strict rules and family values showed him how to love and helped him become the man he is today.

Adult life[edit]

After moving out of his parents’ home in his early 20’s Pilot worked as a steelworker to support himself and by coincidence broke his way into broadcasting by chance thru a friend of a friend who was the 7 to Midnight DJ at then York, Pennsylvania 105.7 WQXA-FM Top 40 station. Pilot was told to come in and make an air check tape which he did that was then passed along to the stations Program Director.

Shortly after making the tape Pilot met with the Program Director and was offered a job on the sister AM station to gain experience by working as a board op during Philadelphia Phillies games. Pilot has said that it was a very weak AM station and he grew bored of the job quickly and decided to do the play by play for the games with his unique sense of humor. A week later the FM station was bought out by Citadel Broadcasting and was changed to Alternative Rock 105.7 the Edge (which eventually became the X) and the majority of the DJ’s quit on the spot. Being in the right place at the right time, Pilot was pushed onto the air for the 7 to Midnight shift where he stayed for about a year while earning respectable Arbitron ratings until the station started carrying The Howard Stern show and the Program Director decided to hire professional DJ’s to surround the Stern show. Pilat was switched to overnight on the weekends for 2 years until frustration grew and a life-threatening automobile accident destroyed his back and the 60 mile drive became impossibility for him.

While being injured Pilot learned the basics of Web Development and Design from friends and eventually thru trial and error how to be a professional Webmaster. Pilot worked freelance for over a year until he accepted his first job as a Web Developer in 1999. Since then Pilot has changed companies a few times in order to help himself expand his skills and further his career.

On September 22, 2001, Pilot married what he now calls his “Training Wife”. Pilot filed for divorce in September 2003 which was finalized in mid 2004.

On a romantic weekend in the Poconos in January 2005 Pilot proposed to his high school sweetheart and close friend Ariana Arndt on her birthday which she immediately accepted and in celebration (after many months of trying to conceive a child) they returned home unknown to them at the time with their daughter Anyah. Pilot and Arndt were married in a small, romantic ceremony on September 9, 2005 and their daughter was born on October 4, 2005.

Personal life[edit]

Pilot frequently talks about his love of video games (owning almost every major gaming system ever made). Pilot often plays online with friends and listeners which he loves doing because he says it helps him get to know them better and genuinely enjoys interacting with them, in fact he has been quoted as saying some of his closest friends today are listeners that he got to know gaming online. Pilot boast about his expert plastic guitar skills at every opportunity, however recently backed up these claims by placing 2nd and 3rd in large Guitar Hero tournaments.

Pilot is an avid Star Wars collector and is also a music and movie lover and says his favorite thing to cuddle on the couch with his wife and watch one of their favorite shows or a movie in their Star Wars themed home theater. Pilot’s biggest joy in life is playing games or going on adventures with his daughter and also playing with their pets. The pets are Great Dane named Zelda, a Neo Mastiff named Kabuto and two cats named Toonces and Kit Kat. Pilot lost his first dog a Rottweiler named Samson in 2009 and his cat Reeces in 2013.

A graduate of Reading High School, Pilot lives in Cumru Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania with his wife Ariana (Arndt) and their daughter Anyah.

Internet radio[edit]

  • June 2006 till May 2009 – The Awful Show (live broadcast on Cringe Humor Radio and then available on iTunes as a podcast)
  • June 2009 to March 2014 – The Mediocre Show (live broadcast on The Mediocre Radio Network and then available on iTunes as a podcast)


June 2009 to Current – Obviously Oblivious (Available in comedy podcasts on iTunes)

January 2012 to Current – the Full Of Sith Star Wars News, Discussions and Interviews (Available in TV/Film podcasts on iTunes)

Obviously Oblivious has been listed on iTunes as New and Notable | Featured and Top 25 Comedy Podcast. Their most notable guest to date is Neil deGrasse Tyson

Full Of Sith is listed in the iTunes top 10 TV & Film | iTunes New & Notable | iTunes Featured Podcast. Their most notable guests to date are Steve Sansweet, James Arnold Taylor, Dan Fogler, Orlando Jones, Sam Witwer, Ashley Eckstein and Catherine Taber to name a few.

Broadcast radio[edit]

May 1996 till January 1999 – 105.7 the Edge (X) WQXA-FM in York, Harrisburg and Lancaster PA.



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