Mike Scheidt

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Mike Scheidt
Genres Doom metal, stoner metal, sludge metal, house, techno, trance
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1996 - Present
Labels Metal Blade Records
Phat Sausage Farm
Global Ambition Records[1][2][3]
Associated acts Middian
H.C. Minds

Mike Scheidt is best known for being the guitarist and vocalist of the doom metal band YOB. Scheidt was born (September 1, 1970) in Eugene, Oregon.


Mike Scheidt helped create the band in 2000,[4] which disbanded in 2006 and then reformed in 2008. Before they disbanded, YOB released a demo and four albums. YOB has shared the stage with other important underground acts like Electric Wizard, High on Fire, Isis, and The Locust as well.[5] He was also in the side project of YOB, which was named H.C. Minds. H.C. Minds have released one full-length album, one EP, and a split album with the band dot(.). Scheidt went on to form the band Middian with Will Lindsay bass and vocals, Scott Headrick on drums, and himself on guitar after YOB split up. When asked about the new sound compared to YOB, Mike replied, "[It] isn't YOB 2.0... Middian is more mid-paced and meaner on average, though there are definite slow doom parts for sure. My singing is as varied as ever, but somehow seems different from YOB. Plus, my bandmates bring their own influences into the mix."[6] Middian released one album, titled Age Eternal. Scheidt then reformed Yob after Middian broke up following a legal dispute over the band name. Yob have since released three further albums.

Scheidt's first solo album, Stay Awake, was released in 2012 and features acoustic guitar, a departure from Scheidt's usual instrument.[7] The inspiration for going acoustic came when he saw Scott Kelly of Neurosis play acoustic.[8]

In 2012, Scheidt formed VHÖL with John Cobbett, Sigrid Sheie, and Aesop Dekker. The band's eponymous debut was release by Profound Lore Records on 9 April 2013.


Scheidt has said his main influences have been Neurosis, Tool, Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus, Immolation, Soundgarden, Deep Purple, The Obsessed, Trouble and Pentagram.


With H.C. Minds[edit]

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With VHÖL[edit]

  • VHÖL (full-length, 2013)