Mike Taibbi

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Mike Taibbi
Born c. 1949
Alma mater Rutgers University
Occupation Television journalist
Spouse(s) Siobhan Walsh
Children Matt Taibbi

Mike Taibbi (born c. 1949) is an American television journalist working at NBC News.

Early life and education[edit]

He graduated from Rutgers University, in New Brunswick, New Jersey, in 1971[1] with Bachelor of Science degrees in English and sociology.


Taibbi worked for television network affiliates in Boston, Massachusetts; and New York City, New York, and at ABC News and CBS News and before joining the television news magazine series Dateline NBC in 1997. He reported on the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars in the early 2000s.[1]


With Anna Sims-Phillips, Taibbi co-wrote the non-fiction book, Unholy Alliances – Working the Tawana Brawley Story – about the Tawana Brawley rape allegations – that was published in 1989.


He has won an Emmy Award as well as being a four-time recipient of the Edward R. Murrow Award.[1]


Personal life[edit]

His son, Matt Taibbi,[1] is an author and journalist who has been a contributing editor for Rolling Stone magazine and was a principal writer at The eXile newspaper in Moscow, Russia.[2][3]

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