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Splash Entertainment, LLC, formerly Mike Young Productions LLC and Moonscoop US, is an animation studio that produces children's TV series.

Splash owns 100% of Kabillion.[1]


The studio was originally owned and operated by three animation producers, husband and wife Mike & Liz Young,[1] and Bill Schultz (6 seasons of The Simpsons, Garfield, Bobby's World).[2] The studio makes both 2-D drawn and 3-D computer animation.[3] Mike Young Productions became a fully owned subsidiary of MoonScoop Group in 2006,[4] with Mike Young becoming COO US Producer of MoonScoop Group in 2009[5]

Moonscoop US's parent company entered administration in Paris courts in July 2013 did not effect the operations of the US company.[6] MoonScoop US and France part ownership with separate companies purchasing the companies with Jokebox, a French company, purchasing MoonScoop France's 51% ownership in MoonScoop US.[7]

Splash Entertainment[edit]

Moonscoop LLC renamed itself Splash Entertainment with the purchasing of the controlling interest by Mike & Liz Young in February 2013.[1]