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For other people named Michael Cox, see Michael Cox (disambiguation).
Mikey Cox
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Background information
Born (1977-08-31) August 31, 1977 (age 37)
Midland, Michigan
Genres Nu metal, gothic metal

Mikey "Bug" Cox (born August 31, 1977) is an American musician, currently the drummer of the recently reformed Coal Chamber, and the youngest member of the original line-up.


He was born in Midland, Michigan. Cox joined Coal Chamber after auditioning in answer to a newspaper advertisement, and beat out his older brother Travis for the position. He recorded three albums with the band while signed on Roadrunner Records, achieving minor commercial and mainstream success with fellow nu metal bands such as Korn. Cox also toured with Coal Chamber on several headlining and festival shows, including Ozzfest. Since parting ways with Coal Chamber in October 2002, Mikey has worked with Paige Haley of Orgy to produce the first demo album of Colorado band, ION, and was in a band with Haley as well. This came to an abrupt end when Cox got into a near fatal car accident where doctors state "If he wasn't unconscious at the time of impact he would have been killed or at least would have broken every bone in his face". The injuries stemming from the accident forced Cox to take a three year absence from playing drums. In that time, Cox expanded his education in Pro Tools and Audio Production.

In 2006, fully recovered from the injuries, Cox began playing again which led to the joining of Machine Gun Orchestra, a band which was formed by his long-time friend Jay Gordon. Gordon was the vocalist and creator of the multi-platinum band Orgy who has producer credit on Linkin Park as well as on Coal Chamber's debut album, which is certified Gold in the United States. Cox and Gordon plan on the debut record for Machine Gun Orchestra to be finished in 2008.

On September 9, 2009, it was announced via Blabbermouth.net that Cox and former Coal Chamber bassist Nadja Peulen have joined forces to form a currently unnamed band.[1] They are seeking a vocalist and guitarist to complete the lineup.

In 2010 he rejoined with Meegs Rascón guitarist of Coal Chamber and formed a band We Are The Riot.

On September 26, 2011, it was announced that Cox would reunite with Coal Chamber for Australian's Soundwave Festival in early 2012.[2] According to Dez Fafara, there will be new material.[3]


Cox and Coal Chamber bassist, Rayna Foss-Rose, became close friends and eventually shared an apartment. He received the nickname "Bug" from Foss-Rose because he says she would sleep late and when he was bored he would go into her room to bug her and wake her up.

Contrary to popular belief, Cox did graduate from high school. He calls himself a kid with no friends that hated high school so much he got good grades so he could actually graduate early. He joined the band shortly after the completion of high school.