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Mikhail Faerman (born 1955, in Beltsi, Moldavia, USSR) is a Russian-Belgian classical pianist.


Faerman started to study the piano at the age of three. In 1962, he showed exceptional talent and was sent to sit for entrance examinations at the Central Music School of Moscow. Faerman was admitted to the class of Evgenia Yarmonenko. He entered the Moscow State Conservatory of Music [1] at the age of 17 and studied there from 1972 to 1977 with distinguished Professor Jacob Flier.

In 1975, Faerman won the First Prize at the Queen Elisabeth Music Competition in Brussels.

In October 1978, Faerman left the Soviet Union and moved to Belgium.

In 1979, Faerman became a professor at the Royal Conservatory of Mons in Belgium.

Since 1979, Mikhail Faerman was regularly invited to share his knowledge as a member of the Jury at the Conservatories of Brussels, Liège, Luxembourg, Paris etc.

In March 1985, Faerman participated in the Jury of the International Competition in Épinal [2], France.

In September 1985, Mr. Faerman was invited to play the piano at the International Festival of Seoul in South Korea, where he gave a concert with an orchestra and a remarkable recital.

In November 1987, Faerman served as president of the Jury of the First European Piano Competition.

Since 1997, Faerman has been a professor of piano at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels.

Mikhail Faerman has an older brother, Vladimir Faerman, who is also considered a musical prodigy. Vladimir moved to America with his parents (who have since deceased) in 1979, thereby ending his musical career. Faerman currently lives in New Jersey with his wife Galina Faerman and their daughter, Zlata Faerman.

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