Mikhail Sorokin (orienteering)

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Mikhail Sorokin
Medal record
Men's Ski-orienteering
Competitor for  Russia
Junior World Championships
Bronze 2001 Trentino Long
Competitor for  Kazakhstan
Asian Games
Gold 2011 Astana-Almaty Sprint
Gold 2011 Astana-Almaty Middle
Gold 2011 Astana-Almaty Long

Mikhail Sorokin is a ski-orienteering competitor who has competed for Russia and Kazakhstan. He won a bronze medal at the Junior World Ski Orienteering Championships in 2001. He competed for Russia at the 2009 World Ski Orienteering Championships in Rusutsu, where he placed 12th in the long distance.[1] Competing for Kazakhstan, he won a gold medal in sprint at the 2011 Asian Winter Games, ahead of Alexandr Babenko.[2]


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