Mikhail Yurevich

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Mikhail Yurevich
(Russian: Михаил Валерьевич Юревич)
Михаил Юревич.JPG
Born February 13, 1969
Nationality Russian
Known for Governor of Chelyabinsk Oblast

Mikhail Valerevich Yurevich (Russian: Михаил Валерьевич Юревич) (born February 13, 1969) is the former governor of Chelyabinsk Oblast (2010–2014). He was also a deputy of the 3rd and 4th State Duma of the Russian Federation, mayor of Chelyabinsk (2005–2010)

In 1992 he received his degree in engineering at the South Ural State University.

In 1993, he became the head of the largest bread-baking plant in the city, and in 1995 - the head of a large food production holding, including one of the most famous macaroni brands "Makfa" in Russia.

As of February 2006, his estimated wealth was $85 million according to the Russian magazine «Финанс» .

He was re-elected in March 2009 with 57.53% of the vote.

Governor of Chelyabinsk Oblast since 2010.