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Miki Jun Award is an annual award given by Nikon for the best photo show at the Nikon Salon by an artist under 35 years old. The Miki Jun Award was established in 1999 by the Selection Committee of the Nikon Salon. It is named after the documentary photographer Miki Jun.[1]


The prize consists of the "Infinity" trophy, by Asahiko Yamada; ¥300,000; and a Nikon D300s with zoom lens. Winners may also hold an exhibition of new work at the Nikon Salon in Ginza within two years of certification. Under the Miki Jun Award Nikon added 2 annual Miki Jun Inspiration Awards in 2003. These awards are given to the most creative and remarkable works exhibited during Nikon Salon Juna21's annual calendar.

Award winners
Year Winner Photo title
1 1999 Zenichiro Kohno Secret Time
2 2000 Shinobu Suzuki And… For This Tender Castration
3 2001 Makiko Fujisawa Mango y Ritmo
4 2002 Setsuyo Go Fireworks Above the Ice
5 2003 Ikuyo Ogino Directed Tension
6 2004 Tomoe Murakami Lines Woven on a Sphere
7 2005 Ikuko Tsuchiya Images of Trust
8 2006 Naoki Ishikawa The Void
9 2007 Yasuto Inamiya Shape of the Nation: Highway Landscapes of Japan
10 2008 Yasushi Nishimura Her Title
11 2009 Gim Eun Ji Ether
12 2010 Shingo Kanagawa Father


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