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The Miki Jun Inspiration Award (三木淳賞奨励賞?) is an award given by the Nikon Salon to photographers under the age of 35. Nikon named the award after the late Jun Miki, one of Japan's pioneers in photojournalism, who was the first Japanese photographer to publish in Life Magazine. The award is given based not just on a single photo but an entire exhibition, including the title, introduction, all of the photos, captions, sequencing, and printing. The prizes consists of a certificate, ¥100,000, and a Nikon D7000 with 18-200mm VRII zoom lens. The two annual Miki Jun Inspiration Awards were added by the Nikon Salon under the Miki Jun Award in 2003.

These awards are given annually to the most creative and remarkable exhibitions through the Nikon Salon's Juna21 program.

Award winners[edit]

Award winners
Year Winner Exhibition Title
1 2003 Motoo Niikura Nampla
2 2003 Ayumi Fujii God Father Jr
3 2004 Akihiro Yoshida Map of Memory
4 2004 Mika Takagi Mine
5 2005 Masayuki Kamo Civilized Society
6 2005 Hitoshi Nakajima Among the usual
7 2006 Katsutomo Tashiro A Drifting Generation Filled with Anxiety
8 2006 Yusuke Hishida Our School Наша Школа
9 2007 Miyuki Motoki A Knot of Breath
10 2007 Eun Kyung, Shin Wedding Hall
11 2008 Hatsumi Matsushita Hatsumi Matsushita
12 2008 Kaori Inbe Moral Society
13 2009 Koji Omaru Tokyo Tower
14 2009 Moyuru Tsurusaki Moving Across The Sea
15 2010 Nozomi Iijima Scoffing Pig
16 2010 Ryan Libre Portraits of Independence:Inside the Kachin Independence Army

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