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Mikimoto Pearl Island(Made based on National Land Image Information (Color Aerial Photographs), Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)
Pearl bridge

Mikimoto Pearl Island (ミキモト真珠島 Mikimoto-Shinju-Jima?) is a small island located in Ise Bay, offshore Toba, Mie Prefecture, Japan.

This island is known as the birthplace of cultured pearl Aquaculture and it belong to Mikimoto Pearl Museum Co., Ltd. (株式会社ミキモト真珠島 Kabushiki-Gaisha-Mikimoto-Shinju-Jima?). The company runs the island as a tourist attraction, and exhibits pearls, pearl craft goods, and holds shows featuring ama divers.


In 1893, Mikimoto Kōkichi, a local entrepreneur, succeeded in producing cultured pearls on an island in Ise Bay called Ojima (相島?). In 1919, the island was sold by the town of Toba to Teikoku Kisen Shipping Company, but was purchased back by Toba Town in 1927, and resold to Mikimoto Kōkichi in 1929, with the funds used to establish an elementary school. Mikimoto developed the island as a center for pearl production. In 1951, Mikimoto renamed the island to Mikimoto Pearl Island, and set up a company to develop it for tourism. A commemorative museum to the life of Mikimoto was established in 1958, and a Pearl Museum in 1962. A bridge connecting the island to the mainland was completed in 1970. The Pearl Museum was rebuilt in 1985 and the Mikimoto Museum in 1993.


One scene of an ama diver's show

Pearl Museum[edit]

Highlights of the collection include

Mikimoto Kōkichi Memorial Hall[edit]

This museum contains exhibits on the life Mikimoto Kōkichi. Among its exhibits is a reproduced of the Udon shop "Awakō" (阿波幸?), where he was born.


The island also contains a bronze sculpture of Mikimoto Kōkichi, Shrine of Pearl, Forest of Wild Birds and Observatory, Restaurant "Awakō" and a pearl shop.


The island is a five minute walk from Toba Station (Kintetsu Toba Line and JR Sangū Line).


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