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Milan Christopher Gordy, also known as Milan Christopher (pronounced /ˈmul lan/ kris sto fur; born Feb 28, 1984) is an African American actor, fashion & underwear model, VJ and entrepreneur, owning a small boutique talent agency called M.C.T.M.A. and several social network sites like Milan was born in Chicago and in 2008 moved to Los Angeles to pursue his acting and modeling career. He is related by marriage to Motown music mogul Berry Gordy;[1] his uncle Clifford C.K. Jackson married Berry Gordy's daughter Sherry in September 2008.[2] Milan has appeared on TV screens across the globe. From TV shows like Nip/Tuck, Friends and Lovers, to commercials like Red Bull, Chase Bank and Virgin Mobile and music videos with top names such as Kanye West, The Game, Lil Wayne, neo.[3] He is mostly well known for his looks, and was considered by Complete Women magazine in June 2010 to be one of the few African American male supermodels.[citation needed] He been featured on the covers of The In Magazine, The Conceptual Exquisite VMAN magazine and he has hundreds of features in various publications.[1][4]

Music career[edit]

As of October 17, 2012 Milan Released his 1st Music Single entitled "Supastar" which Had over Ninety eight Thousand downloads within the first two weeks. Milan Is currently Debuting hit new album entitled "Road to Nibiru" late feb 2013 [1][5]


  • Couples Retreat – Eddy/Waiter (directed by Vince Vaughn)
  • Limikkin Ranch – Werewolf/Skinwalker (directed by Corbin Billings)
  • Broken Hearts Anonymous – Beefcake
  • The Urban Women – Mr. Chocolate (directed by Nicki Green)
  • Strive – Dead Man Rising (directed by Alex
  • 116 Seconds – Elton/Prisoner (directed by Adriana Limon)
  • BFF – Kay C (directed by Eurika Pratts)
  • Dark Claw - (directed by Milan Christopher)



  • 12 Corazones – Police Officer (Telemundo)
  • Late Night with Spike Ferstein – Melrose fashion junkie
  • Nip/Tuck – Tylor (directed by Elodie Keene)
  • New Baywatch – Milton Baywatch Guy (cast by Chad Ridderbach)
  • Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs – Pharaoh Taharka (History Channel)
  • The Doctors
  • The Talk[3]


  • Red Bull
  • International Virgin Mobile/ Crazy life commercial
  • The Hazzehoff's
  • Chase Bank
  • Ineedahandjob (parody commercial)[3]


  • The Gospel[3]


  • American Red Cross billboard
  • PRC Designs Fantasy Calendar
  • In Magazine
  • David Smith Original Portraits
  • Speedo
  • Details Magazine
  • Vibe Magazine
  • Kurt R. Brown Calendar
  • Canadian Elle Magazine
  • Complete Women Magazine
  • Obvious Magazine
  • Verizon Wireless downloadable screensaver model
  • Live Links/Telegence national campaign lead male model (Bob Christie)
  • Kurt R. Brown book volume 2 model (Kurt R. Brown)
  • Steven Blank's Original Portraits model (Steven Blank)
  • Harry Leonard 2011 Black Men Calendar cover model (Harry Leonard)
  • justin Monroe 2013 Flavor of the month calendar (justin monroe)
  • Freshly made Clothing line spokes model & campaign model (jim lee)
  • Source Magazine[3]


  • Choreographer – Chris Brown/lil mama-shawty get loose
  • Choreographer – Kanye West-Love Lock down[3]


  • Personal trainer, Melonie Brown from the Spice Girls, "Totally Fit" (Warner Music Group UK)[3]

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