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Directed by Prakash
Produced by K. S. Dushyanth
Screenplay by Prakash
M. S. Abhishek
Story by Prakash
M. S. Abhishek
Starring Puneeth Rajkumar
Music by Mano Murthy
Cinematography K. Krishnakumar
Edited by S. Manohar
Sri Chowdeshwari Cine Creations
Sri Jaimatha Combines
Release dates
  • 14 September 2007 (2007-09-14)
Running time
155 minutes
Country India
Language Kannada

Milana (Kannada: ಮಿಲನ) is a 2007 Indian Kannada language drama film co-written and directed by Prakash, starring Puneeth Rajkumar and Parvathy in the lead roles. The film was the latter's debut in Kannada cinema. The supporting cast features Dilip Raj, Sumithra and Mukhyamantri Chandru. Pooja Gandhi appears in a cameo role. Music for the film was composed by Mano Murthy.

Upon theatrical release on 14 Sptember 2007, the film saw massive commercial success and completed a 365-day run in theatres.[1] Puneeth's performance won him the Karnataka State Film Award for Best Actor.[2] The film was dubbed into Malayalam as Ishtam Enikkishtam.


The story opens with Akash (Puneet Rajkumar) being tortured in the police station. The scene then shifts to Akash standing outside Priya's (Pooja Gandhi) house, and incessantly calling out to her. However, when he sees her house locked, Akash is distraught.

The scene then opens at a wedding where Akash is due to marry Anjanli (Parvati Menon)) at Mysore. The entire wedding process is concluded through a song 'Madarangiyalli' and the story moves on to Akash spending his first night with Anjali. However, the story takes a dramatic twist here when Anjali demands divorce from Akash. Akash, instead of showing any kind of frustration, calmly agrees to give Anjali her divorce, on the condition that only after they move to Bangalore. Akash also requests Anjali to keep this as a secret from his parents, as he fears they wouldn't be able to handle it. Anjali agrees, and it is shown that Anjali was never interested in the wedding as she was already in love with Hemant (Dilip Raj), whom she is also struggling to find after her father forbade her to see him again.

The story shifts to Bangalore where it is shown that Akash is a popular Radio Jockey for the station Radio Mirchi. As the days pass, Akash and Anjali face off on various fronts, clearly letting the viewer know that their marriage is on the rocks. However, when Akash rescues his neighbor from a local rowdy (Shobaraj) Anjali realizes that Akash is not such a bad person after all. She requests Akash to help her find Hemant, to which he agrees. Soon, Akash manages to locate Hemant, and also keeps his word by applying for divorce, and as per the rules, the court grants them 6 (six) months time if they want to reconsider their application.

As the days roll by, it is shown that Hemant is a fraud, and that he had demanded money from Anjali's father to end his relationship with her. When Anjali gets to know this, she is devastated as she feels that her whole life is now ruined. Dejected, she attempts suicide only to be saved by Akash in the nick of time. Post this event, Akash and Anjali undergo a transformation where Akash manages to win Anjali's respect, and soon they become the best of friends.

Soon enough, Anjali realizes that she has fallen in love with Akash, who has helped her through so much of hardships. However, she realizes that she cannot express her love to him as it would make her look small in Akash's eyes. Caught in a perpetual emotional dilemma, she struggles to hide her feelings from Akash. A few days later, the court summons them and approves their divorce.

Anjali is once again devastated as Akash feels no remorse in signing the papers. Anjali decides that she cannot stay in India anymore and decides to move to the US. However, Akash begins to feel a strange sense of loss after he bids Anjali goodbye. He later realizes that Anjali was in love with him and he too was in love with her. He rushes to the airport to prevent her from leaving the country. After a tense climax, Akash and Anjali reunite. Akash jokingly taunts Anjali that now he has to spend the rest of his life with her.


Sound track[edit]

Soundtrack album by Mano Murthy
June 2007
Genre Feature film soundtrack
Label Anand Audio

The soundtrack is made up of the following songs:[3]

Track # Song Singer(s) Duration
1 Ninnindale Sonu Nigam 4:53
2 Kaddu Kaddu Chaitra, Praveen Dutt Stephen, Suresh Peters 6:41
3 Male Nintu Hoda Mele (Duet) Shreya Ghoshal, Sonu Nigam 6:04
4 Antu Intu Udit Narayan, K. S. Chithra 4:55
5 Kivi Maatondu Kunal Ganjawala 4:53
6 Madarangiyalli Rajesh Krishnan, Shreya Ghosal 5:39
7 Ninnindale (Remix) Sonu Nigam 4:31
8 Male Nintu Hoda Mele (Solo) Shreya Ghoshal 6:04

Box-office performance[edit]

  • The film successfully ran for 50 days in 137 centers in Karnataka, and 100 days in 50 other centers.[4]


State Award[edit]


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