Milano trema: la polizia vuole giustizia

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The Violent Professionals
Milano trema- la polizia vuole giustizia.jpg
Directed by Sergio Martino
Starring Luc Merenda
Richard Conte
Silvano Tranquilli
Carlo Alighiero
Release dates 1973
Country Italy
Language Italian

The Violent Professionals (Italian: Milano trema: la polizia vuole giustizia) is a 1973 Italian Poliziotteschi gangster film directed by Sergio Martino. The film stars Luc Merenda (Giorgio Caneparo) who goes undercover as a getaway driver for the mob so he can wage a one-man war on crime to avenge the death of father-figure cop Gianni (Silvano Tranquilli).

In 2009 Empire Magazine named it #9 in a poll of the "20 Greatest Gangster Movies You've Never Seen* (*Probably)".



Wild East released this in a limited edition R0 NTSC DVD in 2003 with only the English dub. It is now out-of-print.

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