Miles Chamley-Watson

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Miles Chamley-Watson
Miles Chamley-Watson Master de fleuret 2014 t203454.jpg
Chamley-Watson at the 2014 Master de Fleuret
Personal information
Full name Miles Cleveland Chamley-Watson
Country represented United States
Born (1989-12-03) December 3, 1989 (age 24)
London, United Kingdom
Residence Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Weapon(s) Foil
Hand right-handed
Height 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 m)
Weight 185 pounds (84 kg)
Club Fencers Club
FIE Ranking current ranking

Miles Chamley-Watson is a British-born American fencer.[1] At the 2012 Summer Olympics he competed in the Men's foil, but was defeated in the second round. He is the 2013 Individual Foil World Champion.[2]


Miles Chamley-Watson was born in London on December 3, 1989. He spent the first 8 years of his life as a resident of the UK until he and his family moved to the United States. Upon arriving to the US, Chamley-Watson and his family settled in New York City, where he would begin fencing one year later.[citation needed] After spending 4 years in New York City, Chamley-Watson and his family settled in Philadelphia.


Chamley-Watson earned a full scholarship to the Pennsylvania State University in the year 2008. During his tenure at Penn State, Chamley-Watson majored in Sports Management, where he transferred what he had learned and what he was continuing to learn from the sport of fencing to help boost his knowledge in his area of study.

Freshman Year (2008–2009)[edit]

During Chamley-Watson's freshman year as a Division I NCAA fencer, he maintained a 19–4 record. He advanced to the semi-finals round in the national championship tournament in the men's foil category. However, Chamley-Watson was defeated in the semi-finals 15 to 14 by teammate Nicholas Chinman. The Nittany Lions Fencing team ended the tournament on top as the 2008–2009 National Team Champions.

Sophomore Year (2009–2010)[edit]

Much like his freshman year, Chamley-Watson went to the semi-final round of the NCAA championships. This time, Chamley-Watson was defeated by Notre Dame's Olympic fencer Gerek Meinhardt.

Junior Year (2010–2011)[edit]

Nearing the end of his collegiate career, Chamley-Watson had the choice to redshirt his junior year of college or choose to compete and redshirt his senior year. Chamley-Watson decided to compete in the NCAA Championships his junior year and redshirt his senior year.

Senior Year (2011–2012)[edit]

After finishing 2nd place in men's foil at the NCAA tournament, Chamley-Watson decided that it was time to utilize his allotted redshirt year. During this hiatus from NCAA competition, Chamley-Watson privately practiced fencing. Chamley-Watson would earn himself the top spot on the United States' Olympic Fencing team as a foil fencer.

Olympic career[edit]

Chamley-Watson entered the 2012 Summer Olympics as the #2 ranked foil fencer. His first round in the games he was presented a bye into the next round. In the second round, Chamley-Watson was set to fence Abouellkassem, an opponent representing the country of Egypt, and was defeated 15 – 10.

Awards and Accomplishments[edit]


  • Gold – Budapest World Championships
  • Gold – Paris World Cup (Team)
  • Silver – La Coruna World Cup (Team)
  • Silver – Seoul World Cup (Team)
  • Bronze – NCAA Championships
  • Bronze – Pan American Championships (Individual)
  • Seventh – Seoul World Cup (Individual)
  • Eighth – Venice Grand Prix
  • 16th – La Coruna World Cup (Individual)
  • 26th – Paris World Cup (Individual)
  • 60th – St. Petersburg Grand Prix


  • Gold – Pan American Championships (Team)
  • Silver – December North American Cup
  • Silver – November North American Cup
  • Fourth – Olympic Games (Team)
  • Fourth – La Coruna World Cup (Team)
  • Fifth – Havana World Cup (Team)
  • Sixth – Paris World Cup (Team)
  • Seventh – Bonn World Cup (Team)
  • Eighth – Pan American Championships (Individual)
  • 10th – January North American Cup
  • 22nd – St. Petersburg Grand Prix
  • 22nd – Wakayama Grand Prix
  • 22nd – Bonn World Cup (Individual)
  • 24th – Paris World Cup
  • 25th – Havana World Cup
  • 25th – Olympic Games (Individual)
  • 55th – Venice Grand Prix63rd – Seoul World Cup


  • Gold – Pan American Games (Team)
  • Gold – Pan American Championships (Individual)
  • Silver – Olympic Test Event (Individual)
  • Bronze – USA Fencing Division I National Championships
  • Sixth – Pan American Championships (Team)
  • Seventh – Seoul World Cup (Team)
  • Seventh – December North American Cup
  • Ninth – St. Petersburg Grand Prix
  • 10th – Seoul Foil World Cup (Individual)
  • 12th – Senior World Championships (Team)
  • 17th – Bonn World Cup
  • 17th – Venice Grand Prix
  • 33rd – Senior World Championships (Individual)
  • 33rd – Shanghai Grand Prix
  • 33rd – La Coruna World Cup
  • 36th – Havana World Cup


  • Gold – Pan American Championships (Team)
  • Bronze – Pan American Championships (Individual)
  • Fifth – Senior World Championships (Individual)
  • Ninth – Senior World Championships (Team)


  • Gold – Pan American Championships (Team)
  • Gold – North American Cup C (Division I)
  • Silver – Junior World Championships (Team)
  • Silver – Isla de Margarita World Cup
  • Bronze – Pan American Championships (Individual)
  • Bronze – Estado Vargas World Cup
  • Eighth – Havana World Cup
  • 9th – Senior World Championships (Team)
  • 10th – Junior World Championships (Individual)
  • 12th – Montreal World Cup
  • 27th – Venice Grand Prix
  • 45th – St. Petersburg Grand Prix
  • 46th – Senior World Championships (Individual)


  • Gold – Junior World Championships (Team)
  • Fifth – London Junior World Cup
  • Sixth – Pan American Championships
  • 38th – Montreal World Cup
  • 43rd – Paris Grand Prix


  • 49th – Havana Grand Prix

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