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MileStone Inc.
Industry Video games
Founded April 22, 2003
Defunct March 21, 2013[1]
Headquarters Suginami, Tokyo, Japan
Area served Japan, Vietnam
Key people Takashi Fujiya (MileStone Vietnam president)
Products video games
Total assets ¥10,000,000
Employees 16 (as of October 16, 2006)
Subsidiaries MileStone Vietnam Co., Ltd

MileStone Inc. (株式会社マイルストーン) was a Japanese arcade videogame developer, made up mostly of arcade developers who left Compile to form their own company. They were best known for shoot 'em up games developed for the Dreamcast (after the console's official discontinuation) and its arcade counterpart, the Sega NAOMI.

Some years into the company's lifetime, its president Hiroshi Kimura started a bio energy company called MS Bio Energy, which was constructing a bio-ethanol plant in Vietnam. MileStone violated the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act when selling securities for the new company, which led to Kimura's arrest and the company's closure.[2]


MileStone Vietnam Co., Ltd was established on August 1, 2007, an authorized game soft developer by Nintendo of America.

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