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Coordinates: 32°53′48″N 73°45′29″E / 32.89667°N 73.75806°E / 32.89667; 73.75806

Military College Jhelum
Military College Jhelum Monogram
Knowledge and Action
Sarai Alamgir, Punjab, Pakistan
Type Military school
Established 3 March 1922 (1922-03-03)
Faculty 50
Grades 8th - 12th(ICS/I.Com)
Number of students ~650
Houses 8
School color(s) Dark green
Mascot Alamgirians

Military College Jhelum or MCJ, is a military high school, located at Sarai Alamgir (Jhelum District) but now in (Gujrat District), Pakistan. Though it is physically located in Gujrat District, due to its very close proximity it is still associated with the City of Jhelum, and is considered to be in the cantonment limit of Jhelum. The institution feeds the Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul.

Military College Jhelum is one of three military colleges in Pakistan, the others being Military College Murree and Military College Sui.


The colleges foundation stone was laid on 3 March 1922, by the Prince of Wales.[1] It was named King George Royal Indian Military School. Five such cadet schools were built throughout India to benefit the sons of Royal Indian Army. Military College Jhelum and Chail Military School in India are sister institutes.

Classes began on 15 September 1925. At that time it was organized as a residential school for the sons of Muslim soldiers with the objective of producing educated rank and file for the British-Indian Army units.

British instructors[edit]

From 16 April 1932 to 11 November 1936 the Chief Instructor was Warrant Officer Charles Eaton. A bungalow was built for him and his family on the banks of the Canal and still exists. When W.O. Eaton and his family left the students lined the route all the way to the railway station and festooned him with garlands, such was their esteem. In 1943, the school underwent and the college emerged as an institution of choice for potential officers of the army.



Military College Jhelum is located in the district of Gujrat in the town of Sarai Alamgir. Due to its proximity to city of Jhelum and because original Jhelum was on Sarai Alamgir side plus the inclusion of Sarai Alamgir in district Jhelum before 1998, it is widely known as Military College Jhelum (MCJ).

Student life[edit]

The students are called cadets. Cadets take part in sports such as field hockey, football, basketball,swimming, volleyball, squash, tennis and horse riding. Fitness activities include judo, karate, gymnastics, jogging and running. Physical training (PT) is conducted in the morning and sports in the evening. Students are taught drill and shooting.

List of Commandants[edit]

Commandants and their tenure start dates are:

King George Royal Indian Military School Period
Capt. W.L. Clark, A.E.C. 15 September 1925
Capt. H.H. Clark, A.E.C. 24 August 1930
Maj. W.P. Selbie, MC, A.E.C. 9 April 1933
Lt. Col. T.H.L. Stebbing, A.E.C. 14 May 1937
King George Royal Indian Military College Period
Lt.Col. T.H.L. Stebbing, A.E.C. 1943
Maj. Aurangzeb Khan, Baloch 22 August 1947
Lt.Col. S.F.H. Zaidi, A.S.C. 24 February 1948
Lt.Col. Muhammad Rafiq, Punjab 1 July 1952
Lt.Col. Sultan Sikandar, Punjab 28 April 1953
Lt.Col. H.L. Edwards, A.E.C. 9 July 1954
Lt.Col. Muhammad Rafiq, Punjab 18 October 1955
Military College Jhelum Period
Lt.Col. Muhammad Rafiq, Punjab 23 March 1956
Lt.Col. Muhammad Sardar Khan, A.E.C. 3 May 1959
Lt.Col. Murtaza Hussain Khan, A.E.C. 15 May 1967
Lt.Col. Pervaiz Sikandar, 22 June 1969
Lt.Col. S.A. Qureshi, A.E.C. 31 December 1969
Col. N.D. Ahmed, 28 October 1970
Col. Muhammad Zahur-ul-Haq, 29 April 1974
Col. Muhammad Ikram Ameen, 15 June 1977
Col. Muhammad Said Khokahar, 23 August 1978
Col. Abdul Sattar, 5 June 1980
Brig. Abdul Sattar, 1 January 1981
Brig. Inayat-ur-Rehman Siddiqui, 1 January 1983
Brig. Usman Shah, SI(M) 13 August 1984
Brig. Dr. Noor-ul-Haq, A.E.C 7 August 1987
Brig . Maqsud-ul-Hassan, SI(M), TI(M), 12 October 1991
Brig.(Retd) Afzal Malik SI(M), TI(M) August 1998 – May 2013
Brig. Akhter Pervaiz SI(M), May 2013- to date

Notable alumni[edit]

The college has produced five four-star generals of Pakistan Army, Air Force and Navy, namely former Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff General Muhammad Iqbal Khan (Late), former Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Zulfiqar Ali Khan (late), former Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Abdul Aziz Mirza, former Vice Chief of Army Staff General Yusaf Khan, and former Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani.

College has more than 30 Swords of Honour, and many gallantry medals including one Nishan-e-Haider Major Muhammad Akram. Some of the notable civil names are former chairman of Sui Northern Gas Raja Abdul Wahid, Senator Malik Hayat, Federal Ministers Major (R) Sadiq and Major (R) Tahir Iqbal, Zamir Hussain Zamir Ex-GM Wapda, civil servants Secretary Interior Ch. Qamar Zaman, Taj Muhammad Khattak and Saleem Akhtar Kiyani.

The senior military officers of the College Alumni include;

  • Maj Gen (R) Sajjad Hussain, SBt
  • Lt Gen (R) Muhammad Safdar, SBt, Governor of Punjab and Chief of General Staff, GHQ
  • Maj Gen (R) Muhammad Akram,
  • Maj Gen (R) Abdul - Razzaq,
  • Maj Gen (R) Ghazanfar Ali Khan, GOC 41st Infantry Division, Quetta and Vice Chief of General Staff, GHQ
  • Lt Gen (R) Ghulam Mustafa,
  • Lt Gen (R) Syed Athar Ali, Secretary Defence and Commander V Corps, Karachi
  • Lt Gen (R) Raza Muhammad Khan, Commander XXXI Corps, Bahawalpur
  • Lt Gen (R) Javed Zia, Commander Southern Command, Quetta.
  • Lt Gen (R) Nazar Hussain, Commander Army Air Defence Command, Rawalpindi.
  • Lt Gen Zahid Hussain,
  • Maj Gen Tariq Mehmood, Deputy DG ISI, Islamabad
  • Maj Gen Zahir Shah, Director General Survey of Pakistan
  • Lt Gen Javed Iqbal,AG GHQ
  • Lt Gen Sajjad Ghani, Quarter-Master General, GHQ
  • Lt Gen Abid Pervez, DG Log, GHQ.
  • Maj Gen(R) Muhammad Mushtaq HI(M), DG Military Intelligence
  • Maj Gen Junaid Rehmat. DG NLC, GHQ.
  • Maj Gen Ghulam Dastgir
  • Maj Gen Tahir Habib Siddiqui
  • Masood Ashraf Raja, English Professor, University of North Texas
  • Lt Gen Khalid Asghar
  • Maj Gen Obaidullah Khan
  • Maj Gen Iftikhar Wyne
  • Maj Gen Sadiq Ali, Comdt. PMA
  • Maj Gen Hidayat-ur-Rehman
  • Maj Gen Samrez Salik
  • Maj Gen Abid Rafiq

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