Bolivarian Military University of Venezuela

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Bolivarian Military University of Venezuela
Universidad Militar Bolivariana de Venezuela
Escudo de Universidad Militar Bolivariana de Venezuela.png
Logo of AMV.
Former names
Militar Academia de Venezuela
Established 3 September 1810
Type Military
Location Caracas, Venezuela
Colours Blue and White
Affiliations Armed Forces of Venezuela

The Bolivarian Military University of Venezuela (in Spanish Universidad Militar Bolivariana de Venezuela and formerly Militar Academia de Venezuela), was founded in 1810. It is located in Caracas, Venezuela and provides a four-year program of training for officer cadets. Notable graduates include former Venezuelan presidents Isaías Medina Angarita, Marcos Pérez Jiménez and Hugo Chávez.

Introduction and organization[edit]

Supporters of Hugo Chávez at his funeral at the Military academy of Venezuela.

Unlike most military academies it is a full multi-service academy system, similar to several military academies in the world. It is a system of 5 military colleges united into one, with three other newly opened colleges.

The academy system is composed of the following academies:[1]

The following are also part of the academy system:

Specialty Schools

  • Army Infantry School General-in-Chief Rafael Urdaneta
  • Army Cavalry and Armor School Major General Juan Guillermo Iribarren
  • Army Artillery School Colonel Diego Jalón
  • Army Logistics School Brigadier General José Gabriel Pérez
  • Army Military Engineering School Brigadier General Francisco Jacot
  • Naval Tactical Studies School
  • Air Power College
  • Internal Security Studies School
  • Armed Forces School of Intelligence Brigadier General Daniel Florence O'Leary
  • National Armed Forces College of Military Communications, Electronics and Information Technology (Instituto Universitario Militar de Comunicaciones, Electrónica y Informatica de la Fuerza Armada Nacional, IUMCOELIFA)
  • Languages College of the National Armed Forces Generalissimo Francisco de Miranda
    • Army Languages School
    • Navy Languages School
    • Air Force Languages School
    • National Guard School of Languages

Post-Graduate Colleges

  • National Defense Advanced Studies Institute Grand Marshal of Ayacucho Anthonio Jose de Sucre (Instituto de Altos Estudios de la Defensa Nacional, IAEDEN)[2]
  • National Armed Forces War College Liberator Simón Bolívar

Brief history[edit]

The Military University, opened to the public as the Military Academy of Venezuela on September 2, 1810, and upgraded to university status 200 years later, is Latin America's oldest military educational institution, training young men and women to become part of the officer corps of the National Armed Forces of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Its ground forces component, the Army Academy, is in fact the oldest component as with founding dated as mentioned above, and the Naval Academy, opened on April 11, 1811 in Catia del Mar, is the 2nd oldest, serving officer cadets of the Navy. Classes ended with the fall of the First Republic of Venezuela, and thus all military officer training took place in the outdoors or, in the case of the Navy, aboard ships as per the British practice of the time.

Only with the creation of the Military School as part of the Central University of Venezuela did all formal training resume, albelt only for engineering and artillery officer cadets. It stood down in 1879, years after the Federal War ended.

Only in 1910, as part of the celebrations of its centennial year, did the academy reopen its doors, by order of President Juan Vicente Gómez, with campus at the Montana Barracks in Caracas. Two years later the Naval Academy was reestablished in an old lighthouse in Catia del Mar. The Air Force Academy was created in Maracay in 1920 and the National Guard Academy in 1936, with its current form dating from 1947. The Military Technical Academy, opened in 2007, is the youngest, but traces its roots to the Armed Forces Basic School founded in the 1950s.

Symbols of the BMUV and the MAV[edit]

The Regimental Colors of the BMUV and the MAV (now the BMAA) were adopted in 1935. It is divided into two triangles, white and blue. On the BMAA color, on the center is the Academy Coat of Arms, made up of a shield with three tilted vertical stripes in the colors of the Flag of Venezuela inside and four small shields representing the four basic arms of the Army (Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery and Engineering) at the corners. The shield is topped by a torch and surrounded by a green laurel wreath. The name of the academy surrounds the coat of arms. In the case of the BMUV color, the coat of arms is a large oblong(with the university name and dates of founding surrounding it) with crossed flags and weapons, with the national coat of arms and a scroll at the center, and books below the crossed flags and weapons.

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