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Military aviation occupations are types of work either shared with commercial aviation or unique to military air forces that provide skills to design, operate and particularly engage in aerial combat in during military operations.[citation needed] These occupations are characterised by the unique aspect of human performance in an environment unnatural to the species, and includes a considerable level of stress due to this. The occupations are also characterised by the need for higher education in most occupations due to the complexity of most electrical and mechanical systems involved in aircraft designs and their maintenance on the ground, in control of airspace and in the air.

Military aviation occupations are therefore divided into the relative areas of:[citation needed]

  • Military aviation engineering design
Airframe engineers
Fuel systems engineers
Instrumentation and electronics engineers
Weapon systems engineers
  • Military aviation operations control (ground)
Runway design and maintenance
Aviation safety and crash recovery occupations
Air traffic control
Hangar operations
Air base operations
Air operations command
  • Military aviation maintenance operations
Fleet operations
Conversion maintenance
Pre-flight maintenance
Fuel operations occupations
Combat operations service
Weapons service
  • Military aviation flight operations
Flight crew occupations
Weapons crew occupations
Cargo crew occupations
Passenger crew occupations
Specialist crew occupations
  • Military aviation flight command
Air command occupations
Air control occupations
Air communications occupations
Air search occupations
Air target acquisition occupations
Air search and rescue occupations

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