Puntland Security Force

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Puntland Security Force
Active 1998-present


Type Law enforcement, Counter-Terrorism
Role Law Enforcement, Counter-insurgency Internal Security
Garrison/HQ Garowe
Engagements War in Somalia (2006–2009)
Galgala Campaign
General Said Dheere
Colonel Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed
General Abdullahi Ali Mire

The Puntland Security Force (PSF) comprises the armed forces of the autonomous Puntland region in northeastern Somalia.


Following the outbreak of the civil war in 1991, a homegrown constitutional conference was held in Garowe in 1998 over a period of three months. Attended by the area's political elite, traditional elders (Issims), members of the business community, intellectuals and other civil society representatives, the autonomous Puntland State of Somalia was subsequently officially established so as to deliver services to the population, offer security, facilitate trade, and interact with both domestic and international partners.[1] The Puntland Security Force (PSF) was subsequently formed by the regional government.[2]

Since the founding of the state in 1998, the Force has operated in Puntland and throughout Somalia. Commanders and senior officials of the military are appointed by a qualified panel approved by the Council of Ministers.[2]

The Puntland security apparatus has an independent military judiciary, which during peace time only adjudges military proceedings. Retired members of the Force are also constitutionally guaranteed pensions.[2]

Puntland Dervish Force[edit]

The Puntland Dervish Force is the official paramilitary division of Puntland's security forces.[3]


  • Individual Weapons
    • Assault Rifle
      • AKM (Assault Rifle - 7.62 x 39 mm)
      • AK-74 (Assault Rifle - 5.45 x 39 mm)
      • PK machine gun (General-purpose machine gun - 7.62 x 54mmR)
    • Sniper Rifle
    • Anti-Tank Explosive
      • RPG-7 (rocket-propelled grenade launcher - 40 mm)
  • Artillery and heavy machine guns
    • Heavy machine guns
    • Self-Propelled Artillery
    • Mortar
    • Anti-Aircraft Gun

Puntland Police Force[edit]

The Puntland security appartus also operates its own Police Force. The latter includes a Special Protection Unit.[3]

Puntland Intelligence Agency[edit]

The Puntland Intelligence Agency is the intelligence bureau of Puntland's military. It was officially established in 2001 as the Puntland Intelligence Service during the rule of President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed, with help from the United States.[4] The agency principally operates in the Puntland region, where it serves as the main intelligence and counter-terrorism wing of the government's security forces.[3]

Puntland Maritime Police Force[edit]

The Puntland Maritime Police Force is a locally-recruited, professional maritime security force. It is primarily aimed at preventing, detecting and eradicating piracy, illegal fishing, and other illicit activity off of the coast of Somalia, in addition to generally safeguarding the nation's marine resources.[5][6]

In addition, the Force provides logistics support to humanitarian efforts, such as repairing wells; delivering relief supplies, medical supplies, food and water; rehabilitating hospitals and clinics; and refurbishing roads, airports and other infrastructure. It also offers skills training programs to local communities.[7][6]

As of March 2012, the PMPF has around 500 troops. The Force is eventually expected to comprise 1,000 soldiers.[8]

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