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Military of Slovakia
Ozbrojené Sily Slovenskej Republiky
Regrut 01 znak ossr.jpg
Armed Forces of Slovak Republic coat-of-arms
Service branches Ground Forces of the Slovak Republic, Slovak Air Force
Commander-in-Chief President of the Republic
Chief of staff Chief of the General Staff: Lieutenant General Milan Maxim
Military age 17 years of age
Conscription Abolished in 2006
Available for
military service
1,413,079, age 15–49
Fit for
military service
1,162,282, age 15–49
Reaching military
age annually
approx. 30,000
Active personnel 14,095 soldiers and 8,515 civilians (2013)[1][2]
Budget 744 million € (2014)[3][4][5][6][7]
Percent of GDP 1.00% (2014)
Foreign suppliers  Czech Republic
 United States

The Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic number 14,095 uniformed personnel and 8,515 civilians.[8][9] Slovakia joined NATO in March 29, 2004.[10] From 2006 the army transformed into a fully professional organization and compulsory military service was abolished.[11][12][13]

Structure of the Armed Forces[edit]

Structure of the Armed forces of the Slovak Republic
Slovak military vehicles marking symbol

Slovakia's plan for defense reform is the Force 2015 Long-Term Plan, which strikes a balance between requirements and resources and which envisions a professionalized, combat-capable force of 14,500 uniformed personnel by 2013.[14][15][16]


A Slovak Army soldier stands guard in front of the Multinational Division-Central South headquarters at Camp Echo, Iraq.
Slovak soldiers on parade

Small arms & hand weapons:

Main Battle Tanks


Slovak soldiers from 12th Mechanized Battalion
Slovak 5th Special Forces Regiment in Afghanistan boarding an aircraft.
Slovak 5th Special Forces Regiment operating in eastern Afghanistan.
Tatrapan 6x6 armored vehicle


Military trucks

Light off-road vehicles

Lightweight demining equipment

Bridge vehicles

  • Slovakia AM-50
  • Slovakia MT-55
  • Slovakia PM-55
  • Slovakia PMS TATRA 815

Amphibious vehicles

Military fitted ambulance

Recovery vehicles

  • Slovakia VPV
  • Slovakia VT-72
  • Slovakia VT-55
  • Slovakia AV-15

Air Defence Systems

Note -- All data is current as of 1.8.2014

Air Force[edit]

Slovak Air Force MiG-29AS NATO upgrade
Slovak Air Force MiG-29AS NATO upgrade
Slovak S-300

Note -- All aircraft data is current as of 1.8.2014

Special Forces[edit]

Badges of Slovak paratroopers

5th Special Forces Regiment[edit]

It is Slovakia's premier Counter-Terrorism and special operations unit. The unit is directly attached to the Armed Forces General Staff, but works for the Operational Reconnaissance Bureau.


Slovakia has 158 military personnel deployed in Cyprus for UNFICYP United Nations led peace support operations.[22] Slovakia committed to increase the number of its troops in Afghanistan to around 289 men by the end of 2013.[23] Slovakia has 34 troops deployed in Bosnia and Herzegovina for EUFOR Althea.[24] Slovak troops were withdrawn from Kosovo because the Slovak Armed Forces set its priority to focus mainly on an Afghanistan NATO led mission.[25][26] Since the independence of Slovakia in 1993, there have been 59 uniformed personnel deaths in the line of service to the United Nations and NATO (as of 2013).[27] [28]


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