Milk Closet

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Milk Closet
ミルク クローゼット
Genre Fantasy, Supernatural, Adventure
Written by Hitoshi Tomizawa
Published by Kodansha
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Afternoon
Original run June 2000October 2001
Volumes 4
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Milk Closet is a 4 volume manga by Hitoshi Tomizawa. It began in the Afternoon (magazine) in 2000 and was finished in 2001 with four volumes.


In 2005, children across the globe started to mysteriously disappear. This became known as the "Reasal Phenomenon". These children could universe jump and jumped around freely when needed. Slowly, children started coming back with tails and they were astounded. One girl, Liesl Yoshida, decided to gather up all of the children who have tails. She named their group the "Macrocosmic Invincible Legion of Kids" (Aka M.i.l.k. Squad) and only they can help save the world from the Ali troops.


Hana Yamaguchi
An 8 year old girl who can jump through the universes. In the beginning of the series she loses herself after jumping to another universe and seeing herself. She gains a "tail" after Tarou Tachibana saves her life from being eaten. She has named her tail, Mimi after the noise it makes. After nearly getting consumed by fear, Hana realizes she is able to turn her arms into blades to fight the Ali.
Tarou Tachibana
An 8 year boy who also can jump through the universes. He was able to jump universes and come back on his on free will by having his hat from his "sister". After being asked to help find Hana, he jumps and ends up being seriously stabbed by a creature. A "tail" saved his life by "engulfing" him and creating him a new body. He searched the universe until he saved her from being eaten. He has named his tail, Mimimi. When he fights he turns his body into dozens of spikes or into a long spike.
Liesl Yoshida
Earlier in the series her name is unknown but is named by Tarou as Onee-chan (sister). Later she is come to know as Liesl Yoshida. She is also a universe jumper and gives away jumping materials to children. She claims that the jumper children are hers and appears in front of them with useful advice. She has long blond hair and is always seen wearing overalls.
In the later half of the story, it is eventually revealed that Liesl is not a human, but an alien from whom the Tail aliens originate. Her reasoning for summoning the children is to help bring about her, and her mother's wishes of a "Grand Universe". A place where all the universes are no longer separate and closed off from each other, but live together.
Alisa Sadamoto
Another jumper with a tail and part of the milk squad. She wears her hair in two braids and has the ability to turn her hands into huge rock-like hammers. She develops a crush on Tarou early on and becomes very bitter and jealous towards Hana.
Aiko Maruyama
Another jumper with a tail and part of the milk squad. She wears her hair in two buns and is later revealed to be the third girl in love with Tarou. Unlike the others, Aiko's means of attack do not consist of brutal fighting and deadly techniques, but instead consist of kindness and love.
Daigo Satou
A doctor who conducted experiments on the disappearing children. He uses Hana's ribbon device to jump just as the children do, but is instead badly injured in the process. Liesl gives him an alien body in exchange for helping her to achieve the Grand Universe.

Milk Squad[edit]

The Milk Squad is a small group of five people with tails who protect the children who slip universes. They are able to destroy creatures by bending their bodies into shapes thanks to their tails.

The call[edit]

When the Milk Squad is called their tail starts making a loud "MIMIMI" noise. This can be very disruptive for surrounding students and people.


The uniform of the milk squad is a pair of Shortalls Overalls and a Santa hat. The boys of the group wear Lederhosen instead of Shortalls Overalls. The Santa hat came from Liesl, who used to wear them until she found the most suitable people for the Squad. Liesl, who doesn't have a tail, doesn't wear a Santa hat anymore.