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This article is about Edmonton's Mill Creek and Mill Creek Ravine. For the article on the provincial electoral district of Edmonton Mill Creek, see Edmonton Mill Creek.

Mill Creek Ravine is located in south Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The end of the ravine opens onto the North Saskatchewan River valley near the west end of Cloverdale on the opposite bank from downtown.

The creek is "named after a grist mill established by William Bird in 1878,".[1] The creek starts on 17th Street West and 34 Avenue North in Millwoods and flows northward to an outfall near 92 Avenue North between the neighborhoods of Strathcona and Bonnie Doon. The outfall emerges on the East bank of the North Saskatchewan River at approximately 95 Avenue North. It is clearly visible from the Walterdale Bridge.

The ravine was once home to part of the Edmonton, Yukon & Pacific rail line. The line ran from the Canadian Pacific line at about 67 Avenue North, across 99 Street West, and down into Mill Creek Ravine. It went down through the ravine and out across the Low Level Bridge. The railway also served Gainer's meat packing plant, a large scale meat packing facility once located on the western edge of the ravine at 80th Avenue North.

By 1954, most of the tracks had been removed, although some of the trestles remain in use today. In the 1970s, the City of Edmonton converted what was left of the rail line into a bicycle and walking path extending from one end of the ravine to the other. In 1988, the Edmonton Historical Board erected a plaque in Mill Creek Park commemorating the Edmonton Yukon & Pacific Railway.

The Mill Creek Outdoor Swimming Pool, located in the ravine at 8200 - 95 A Street West, is a popular summertime destination for Edmontonians seeking to enjoy hot summer weather.


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