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Millard is a former town and current neighborhood in southwest Omaha, Nebraska; the original downtown area (often referred to as 'Old Millard') is near 132nd St. and L St. After lengthy legal fights, the city of Millard was annexed by the city of Omaha in 1971. There also were attempts through both the state legislature and the court system to annex Millard into the Omaha Public Schools, but the Millard Public Schools remained an independent unit. Although recently they have been included under the Taxing authority of the Learning Community to extend Omaha's tax base.


In recent years, the Millard area has experienced a large amount of expansion. Several high wealth neighborhoods have developed in the area along with new retail and restaurants.

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Coordinates: 41°12′34″N 96°07′23″W / 41.209413°N 96.12299°W / 41.209413; -96.12299