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MillenWorks (Textron)
Industry Motorsport
Automotive engineering
Founded 1980 (sold to Textron June 9, 2010)
Headquarters Tustin, California, U.S.
Key people Rod Millen (founder)
2006 Baja 1000 MillenWorks vehicle

MillenWorks, known as Rod Millen Motorsports until 2005, is an American automotive technology company started by Rod Millen in 1980.[1] The company began by preparing Millen's rally cars, and evolved into designing and building them.[2] The company now develops vehicles, high performance auto parts, and technology for racing, concept cars, and the US military.[3]

Race cars[edit]

Some of the first cars designed and built by the company are the Pikes Peak Toyota Celica and Toyota Tacoma which Millen drove to overall victories in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in 1994, 1996, 1997, 1998, and 1999. [4][5][6] Other cars include the Championship Off-Road Racing Pro 4 Toyota Tundra and the SCORE Toyota FJ Cruiser which competes in the Baja 1000.[7][8][9]

Concept cars[edit]

MillenWorks is often contracted to develop technologies for upcoming concept cars. They developed the revolutionary drivetrain seen on the Jeep Hurricane, which allows it to spin in place using independent four wheel steering.[10] They also developed the hybrid electric four wheel drive system seen on the Ralliart Mitsubishi Eclipse concept car, and many of the mechanisms seen on the Scion FUSE.[11][12] Other projects include the Chrysler ME Four-Twelve, Lexus IS430, Porsche Carrera GT Concept, Toyota Ultimate Celica, Lexus Streetrod, and the Toyota Retrocruiser.[13]

Military vehicles[edit]

MillenWorks has also developed manned and unmanned ground vehicles and technology for the military, such as the MillenWorks Light Utility Vehicle.[14][15] With Lord Corporation, they have also developed an active magneto rheological suspension for the U.S. Army's Stryker, which was tested at the Yuma Proving Grounds.[16][17][18] They have teamed with Lockheed Martin on several other projects, including the RST-V, Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicle, Gladiator Tactical Unmanned Ground Vehicle, and the Multifunctional Utility/Logistics and Equipment (MULE) Vehicle.[19][20] They have also developed diesel-electric drivetrains for the HMMWV, which were tested at the Aberdeen Proving Ground.[21]


Performance parts[edit]

It has also developed automotive performance parts for the Mazda Miata, and cooperated with Toyota Racing Development on parts for the Toyota Celica and Lexus IS300. [22][23]


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