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This article is about the Catholic young adult blog. For the generation, see Millennials.
Millennial Official Logo.jpg
Web address
Slogan Young Catholics, An Ancient Tradition, A New Century
Commercial? No
Type of site
Religious journal and blog
Available in English
Editor Robert G. Christian, III
Launched September 4, 2012
Current status Active

Millennial is an online journal and blog written by Millennial Catholics offering "world-class Catholic opinion and analysis on the most pressing issues of our times in politics, religion, and culture."[1] The authors, described as "quite an impressive group of commentators,"[2] are said to "perfectly weave together current events and the Catholic intellectual tradition" and are adept at "finding real-world practicality to Catholic theology."[2]

Called "an online home to Catholic writers in their 20s and 30s,"[3] the site seeks to "amplify the voices of a younger generation and provide insight and analysis on the issues that matter to this generation."[1] There is no precise definition of when the Millennial generation began, but all Millennial writers were all born during the pontificate of Saint John Paul the Great.[1]

It has been said that Millennial "perfectly represents the future of young intellectuals in the church"[2] and Michael Sean Winters of the National Catholic Reporter has encouraged his readers to "regularly consult the writings of these fine young Catholic thinkers."[4] Journal articles and blog entries from Millennial have been cited in places such as Commonweal,[5] Religion News Service,[6][7] U.S. Catholic,[8] and elsewhere.


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