Miller River

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Coordinates: 47°43′8″N 121°23′38″W / 47.71889°N 121.39389°W / 47.71889; -121.39389
Miller River
Country United States
State Washington
Source Confluence of the East and West Forks
 - location North Cascades
 - coordinates 47°40′31″N 121°23′15″W / 47.67528°N 121.38750°W / 47.67528; -121.38750 [1]
Mouth Skykomish River
 - location Miller River (Community)
 - coordinates 47°43′8″N 121°23′38″W / 47.71889°N 121.39389°W / 47.71889; -121.39389 [1]
Discharge for near Miller River
 - average 326 cu ft/s (9.2 m3/s) [2]
 - max 4,740 cu ft/s (134.2 m3/s)
 - min 18 cu ft/s (0.5 m3/s)

The Miller River is a river in King County, Washington. Named for 1890s prospector John Miller,[3] it is a tributary of the Skykomish River, which it joins near the community of Miller River (which was, prior to World War I, known as Berlin). The Miller River is about 3.5 miles (5.6 km) long from the confluence of its main tributaries, the East Fork and West Fork.[1] Miller River Campground is located just downriver from the confluence.[4]

West Fork[edit]

The West Fork Miller River begins at the ridge dividing it and the Taylor River.[5] It flows northeast from there, converging with the East Fork near the West Fork Campground. Its only officially named tributaries are Cleopatra and Coney Creeks. Cleopatra Creek drains a basin just north of the West Fork’s source while Coney Creek drains high-elevation Coney Lake. Just above its mouth, the West Fork drops over two small waterfalls, Borderline Falls then Immigration Falls.

West Fork Tributaries

  • Gouging Lake Outlet Stream
  • Cleopatra Creek
  • Coney Creek
  • Francis Lake Outlet Stream

East Fork[edit]

The 7-mile (11 km) long East Fork Miller River begins at the outlet of Lake Dorothy.[6] Upon exiting the lake, the river drops over a headwall as it makes its way toward the bottom of Camp Robber Valley. Florence Falls occurs near the bottom of the headwall. Shortly after the falls, the river is joined by Camp Robber Creek, from the south, then Smith Creek from the west. Flowing north, the East Fork is joined by several unnamed tributaries. Great Falls Creek, which drains tiny Tumwater Lake, joins from the west.

East Fork Tributaries

  • Camp Robber Creek
  • Smith Creek
  • Hinter Lake Outlet Stream
  • Purvis Lake Outlet Stream
  • Great Falls Creek


From its source at the confluence of the East and West Forks, the Miller River flows north to its confluence with the Skykomish River near the community of Miller River. The only major tributary is Happy Thought Creek, which drains small Cleveland Lake.

Mainstream Tributaries

  • Happy Thought Creek

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