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Million standard cubic feet per day is a unit of measurement for gases that is predominantly used in the United States. It is frequently abbreviated MMSCFD (MM here standing for million, as also in MMbl). MMSCFD is commonly used as a measure of natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), compressed natural gas (CNG) and other gases that extracted, processed or transported in high quantities.

Similar measures sometimes used in countries outside the United States include mega standard cubic metres per day (MSm3/d) and mega normal cubic metres per day MNm3/d (equal to 1,000 Sm3/d and 1,000 Nm3/d respectively).[1] One MMSCFD is approximately 28.3 MSm3/d or 26.8 MNm3/d.

When converting to mass flowrate, the density of the gas at Standard temperature and pressure is used.

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