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Self portrait (1889)
Portrait of Hugh Childers (1891)

Emily Maria Eardley Childers (1866 – 1922), known as Milly, was an English painter of the later Victorian era and the early twentieth century.[1]

She was the daughter of Hugh Culling Eardley Childers, a prominent Member of Parliament and Cabinet minister of his generation.[2] Little is known about Milly Childers's early life; she began exhibiting her art around 1890. After her father's 1892 retirement from public service, father and daughter traveled together through England and France; Milly Childers painted landscapes and church interiors. Her father's social and political connections brought his daughter some commissioned work, including as a restorer and copyist for Lord Halifax at Temple Newsam.[3]

One of Childers' best-known works is a portrait of her father; another is her own self portrait (1889). Other of her better-known works are "Children Playing Hoops in the Street, Arromanches" and "The Pannier market, Barnstaple". Her style shows influences from the Impressionists.


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