Milo Parker Jewett

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Milo P. Jewett.
Jewett House, Vassar College, designed by Prof. Lewis Pitcher of Vassar College and the firm of Pitcher & Tachau

Milo Parker Jewett (1808–1882) was a US educator, born at St. Johnsbury, Vermont

Jewett was a graduate of Dartmouth College (1828) and Andover Theological Seminary (1833). He became professor of rhetoric and political economy two years later in Marietta College, Marietta, Ohio, then resigned in 1838 after adopting Baptist tenets.

He was the founder (1838) and first president of Judson College, a Baptist women's college in Marion, Alabama. He conducted the college until 1855. He then established a seminary for young women at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., where he aided Matthew Vassar in planning Vassar College, of which he became the first president in 1862. The Milo P. Jewett House at Vassar is named after him in honor of both his promotion of female education and his service to the college. He resigned his office in 1864 and in 1867 removed to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His publications include:

  • Baptism (1840)
  • Education in Europe (1863)
  • Relations of Boards of Health and Intemperance (1874)
  • The Model Academy (1875)